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Jan 31, 2019
Nov 20, 2006
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Aug 27, 1956 (Age: 62)
The Arizona Desert Between Phoenix and Tucson
Retired from teaching.

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Lunatic Member, 62, from The Arizona Desert Between Phoenix and Tucson

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Jan 31, 2019
    1. marktherob01
      Hi There,
      i have a Pioneer Pl-600 that the lamp is burned out that controls the power to the entire mechanism. Do you have a link or a source where I can get one of these. Your help would be certainly appreciated.
      Regards mark
    2. Sandy G
      Sandy G
      Hey, Jesse.. Should you ever wanna talk, I'm here for you..423-272-8260..
    3. pioneer560pl
      hello, im curious to if you can help me source a pioneer turntable ? my grandpa is after a pioneer pl-560 , so i signed up looking for somebody who has one here, to find out i have to pay to enter bartertown ( i dont have the funds ) , and my grandpa is useless with computers.. you've been here a while and have alot of posts.. any chance of a little help :) ?

      thank you!
    4. jhaan92
      Thought I would drop by and see what you thought of Dad's work on the Ohms. You get a chance to take a peek at that thread I mentioned?

    5. jhaan92
      Jesse, How ya been!!

      Dad (a_retent) and myself just finished working over a set of Ohm Walsh 2 cabs, thought you might want to take a peek at Dad's massive skills. It's in the Speaker forum, or you can find the thread in my user profile through the Statistics tab.

      Jesse, Hope you had a nice Birthday and holiday weekend!

    7. lha1992
      Hey Jesse!!! How have you and your family been? I remember you mentioning awhile back that this year was going to be your last year of teaching?
    8. vinylover
      I sen you a message last night about buying your tuner if the deal falls through. Please keep me posted. Thanks.
    9. Tapehead47
      Sorry, I don't often check my messages. Thanks for the kind words concerning Rae. I'll forward your encouragment to her.
    10. Tapehead47
      Thanks for the positive feedback concerning Rae. As a photography teacher and a master in your own right (my favorite photo geek on AK) your words are important to me.
      Rae is now entering into the world of art fairs and has been accepted to a few prestigious ones. She has many prints and giclees of all sizes. She does her own matting which is an art form in itself! You wouldn't believe the detail and patience in her matting! She could make a living with that talent alone.

      I'm both nervous and excited about her future. She's 25 now and works very hard at her craft. Rae uses Photoshop, something I can't figure out.

      We often take photos of the same subjects and I'm jealous of the way hers look so much accomplished than mine. I have a pretty good eye artistically, but she has surpassed me now for years. Something to be proud of.
    11. jhaan92
      Nah, I didn't see the thread that Dad started-it showed up at the bottom of the'll tell you who has birthdays during that day.
    12. jhaan92
      Ha! It IS your birthday today! Happy Birthday!
    13. jhaan92
      He usually is pretty cool, and we tend to get along quite well. He is the one who got me addicted to this hobby. Once you get into hi-fi, there is really no turning back I guess that only time will tell on that one... :D
    14. jhaan92

      I figured that I had read enough of your posts, and Dad (a_retent) says you're cool, so therefore, you must be. You're very welcome.
    15. lha1992
      Jesse!! Been a long time! How've you been? How's teaching photography going?
    16. jgmacv
      Happy Birthday Jess! Hope everything is going well for you. Enjoy your day!
    17. lizardqueen
      Hi Pioneervato. My name is Shelley Elizabeth Teresa. Thank you for accepting my invitation. I am fascinated by all things musical. I had some classical training in piano when I was a kid. Then I taught myself some guitar. I wish I knew more about things electrical, although I do know some musical acoustics and physics, (not much on the physics). My TT's are Dual 610 and Marantz 6110. The Dual is a good choice for anyone who wants to play along with a record using an instrument that must be tuned, so I'm happy. I have followed your posts and you seem eager to pass along your knowledge. What do you teach? Best regards, Shelley
    18. lha1992
      Hey Jessie, hows it goin with you? Haven't seen you in awhile. How was your holiday? Mine was good, spent time with family and friends. I ate too much which was bad because I have to keep my weight down for wrestling (171lbs), but it was good!
    19. HandyHamlet
      Hey Jess. I have seriously been considering the print swap. I'm really impressed with your work and the other guys as well. Been thinking it would be a nice challenge and change of pace. Thanks for the personal invite too.
    20. HandyHamlet
      Thanks Jess, and likewise!
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    Aug 27, 1956 (Age: 62)
    The Arizona Desert Between Phoenix and Tucson
    Retired from teaching.
    Photography, Vintage Pioneer, Woodworking