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Nov 1, 2005
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console destructor, Male, from Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

reformed console collector Jan 17, 2018

    1. rmunson
      reformed console collector
    2. billyunderhi

      Hello - itss been a year since we spoke last -

      I see that you are trying to piece together a Magnavox 9300 console and are at the same stage I am.... Stumped by an umbilical cord and figuring out what to disconnect and what to jump.

      Any chance we could help each other?

      I am often busy with work and family but I would like to have some time monthly set aside for tube amp foolishness...

      Maybe we could pair up on some common problems?

      Talk to you soon...

      Oh - BTW the guy from Wisc never showed up with the 15" speakers and did not come pick up the console had for sale. Aww shucks, still taking up shop space.

      Talk to you later

    3. billyunderhi
      Hi Reed - we spoke last week -

      My name is Che (Shay) and I bought that Maggie TV console. My AK ID is Billyunderhi.
      Seems like there are alot of cool MN projects on here.

      I have a line on some 15" woofs for you and there are really costly... I'll have to put up with a tube nerd from Wisc. - he's buying an amp from me and he said he would throw in the 15" for nadda... so if you want them - you'll have to put up with a visit from a tube nerd... loss of time but they are free 99. I just hope he remembers them tomorrow... Talk to you later...
    4. ke4mcl
      any chance i can get that schematic from you?
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    currently working on a Magnavox console and my Pioneer SX-727
    my albums at:


    I like old things that time has tried and proven strong and good and fine;
    I like old things - they have a depth unknown by anything that's new.