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Nov 29, 2018
Jun 16, 2011
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Super Member, from Beautiful Rancho Malario, NM

I've never had any chip fail but if I do I can transplant one from my retired LT-20. Apr 18, 2016

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Nov 29, 2018
    1. Recognizer
      So I wanted to clarify: you were talking about the washer which is attached to the tonearm that is used to secure the headshell to the tonearm correct? Sorry for multiple messages, the character limit on these is ridiculously short.
    2. Recognizer
      Hi! I had a question about the LT-22 and mounting a new cartridge. In a post that you made a few years ago you said "the stylus needs to be exactly 50mm from the back of the shell mounting gasket/washer." I'm currently mounting a new cartridge and am finding that no matter how far back I move it, the stylus is more that 50mm from the back of the headshell mounting washer.
    3. rnorton
      I've never had any chip fail but if I do I can transplant one from my retired LT-20.
    4. wrbear
      Hi! I was educating myself on the Mitsubishi LT-22. I read in more than one forum that there was a bit of a problem with a chip on a board that may fail. Is that a common problem in your opinion? I have an itch to try one of those. Well, one appeared on my radar. I'm pretty handy with these contraptions and can replace the bulbs and belts but that chip has me "Sleepless in Houston" :)
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    Mitsu LT22, Sanyo Q40, HK T25, TK3Ea, AT95VL, OM40, NAD7240, LD III, Hafler DH101, XL280, DH200, Polk M7, M10, Inf RS-II, B&W DM303, Cizek 3