Dec 22, 2010
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Northern Michigan
Marine Engineer

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    1. Graydon
      Hello Rob;
      I am considering the PEX 299-609 My cabinets are almost entirely constructed of concrete block. They are roughly 5.79 cu ft. I'm considering 8 or 10 of these in a line array. Will these PEX woofers run from 70Hz to a little over 2kHz and do it with a good flat response?
      Oops ran out of characters!
      If you send me your email, I'll be happy to send you pix and more info.
    2. fguidetti
      my email is
    3. fguidetti
      i have just buy an HEATHKIT Preamplifier / Control Center AP-1800. could you send me th service manual,and others documents you could? greetings from Brazil
    4. bjuck57
      Hi again Rob!
      I had a great time this last fall building something very similar to your design.
      Thanks again for sharing this great design!
      I would like to share my impressions that won't be limited to the 420 characters I'm allowed to write you. :o)
      Can you please message me with you email address? Or facebook?
      My email address:
      My FB profile: Hans-Johan Asander.
    5. bjuck57
      Many thanks, Rob!\Hans.
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    6. Rob41
      Enjoy the build Hans. I think you'll be pleased with the results and best of all you'll be able to say, I built that! I'll look forward to your build.
    7. bjuck57
      Hello Rob,
      Many thanks for your valuable information! Your build has been the greatest inspiraton! Both in theory and practical building. I have ordered the PE drivers, which are on their way. More than half of the total cost when arriving in Sweden is for shipping and import tax, but I still think they're a bargain. I plan to use an array of the Dayton AMTPRO-4 together with them. I am not in need of slimming down the baffle width to a minimum, but am thinking of a pre-cut 24 inch width we have here. And adding short 4 inch wings for stability. Which would make the total width 32 inches, that with your valuable information about bass output in your baffle, I think will get me down to below 70 Hz without any eq. Yes, I will be delighted to share the build with the forum. Cheers & all best!\Hans.
    8. Rob41
      Hello Hans,
      When used in multiple, these drivers perform well into the 60-70Hz range. They begin a slight rool of around 65Hz which is acceptable, but begin a rather steep roll off below 60Hz. I think you would want to build a cheap test bed 20" wide and see if the slight roll off works for you. If not, at least you'll know to widen the baffle a few inches. In my case, the slight roll off wasn't an issue as I crossed them at about 70Hz and augmented the bottom end below that with distributed bass. On several occassions I've forgotten to turn on the amp to my distributed bass system and I believe many people would be happy with the results. Good luck with your build Hans. I hope you share your build with the forum. Cheers!
    9. bjuck57
      Hello Rob,
      Thank you for sharing your fantastic build in this thread, top notch craftsmanship & very inspiring reading! I have a question regarding the baffle width. Without eq or any compensation, what do you think is the lowest frequency output with a flat response from these drivers in your build? If I would like to have good output to 60-70 Hz without any eq or filtering, using the same drivers as you have from the PE factory buyout, do you think it would be adequate if I built a baffle with 20 inch width like yours? Or do you think the baffle would have to be wider, since I will not use any eq? With Kind Regards, Hans in Holmsund, Sweden.
    10. ryuuoh
      No problem, hope you get it up and running!
    11. ThunderDude
      Hi Rob,
      Back in April you mentioned you were going to write up a detailed post of your conversion of the SF-1s. So far, that is the only hint I've seen on the internet of anyone upgrading or fixing their SF-1s.

      I was wondering if you ever got around to upgrading yours, and if you wouldn't mind sharing how you did it, and a parts list.

      I inherited my SF-1s from my Dad. I brought them to college with me, and now they are in my house. It's the only thing I ever got from him, so I want to make sure they are in great working order.

      I think a tweeter is blown on one of them, and I'm sure the woofers could be replaced with something better.

      I'm fairly handy at most things, and can solder like a champ (as long as it isn't surface mount), so I'd be interested to know how you handled your SF-1s and if you have any advice (gotchas you encountered while fixing yours).

      Thanks much.


      --Brett Thorson
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    Northern Michigan
    Marine Engineer
    One day at a time.

    Vintage audio of course but I'm quickly developing a taste for new as well, hunting, fishing, traveling.

    There are two things that have profoundly impacted and transformed this audio experience for me.

    The first was when I got my MiniDSP which has allowed me to take complete control of my speakers in every regard. No longer am I a slave to the compromises that all speaker manufacturers are forced to make with passive crossovers.

    The second profound revelation is when I built my Open Baffle Line Array speakers. Like many others, I have heard my fair share of speakers from humble to speakers costing as much as a new car. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the speakers I built eclipsed all of them. This observation is certainly a subjective one, but it was not expected.

    I will buy new gear for sure, but speakers I will never buy again. I will build more though.


    en·gi·neer: Derived from the Latin ingenium, meaning "cleverness" and ingeniare, meaning "to contrive, devise"
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