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AK Subscriber, 66, from N. Ca.

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    1. Pappas3278
      Hi Ron. Seriously considering a C50 to replace my C42. Question regarding 'Tape Out' on the C42. Is there an equivalent Out on the C50? I would like to plug my external headphone amp into the C50 and that 'Tape Out' allows an unmolested signal to pass from any source all the way to that amp. Thanks!
    2. cooldude21
      Hi Ron, I'm planning to upgrade to C47/MC152 combo for my B&W 804 D3s. Do you think MC152 will be able to drive them without any issues or should I go with more amplification? I mostly listen to EDMs at roughly 50-60% of the volume sometimes. With low on output power as compared to MC302, I'm more concerned if there'll be a lot of distortion.

      Appreciate your suggestion.

      1. ron-c
        MC152 should power those speakers fine. It will make about 200 watts per channel.

        Jan 27, 2017
    3. danno
      Hi Ron. I have an MX-134, and I'm trying to stream audio from JRiver on my computer through a chromecast device via an optical input. I'm able to send stereo flacs OK, but 5.1 flacs don't work. At one point they would stream as stereo files, but after my fiddling with MC's settings, I don't even have that. I'd appreciate any guidance you might be able to offer!

      Dan Marcuzzi
    4. Scotteboy
      Hi Ron, I recently acquired an older model MI 200 and am trying to set it up and need some info on inputs and outputs. Do you have any information like that?
    5. chiroman
      Hello Ron. Thanks for the response on the USB question. I just want to get this straight in my head, so i can run the corning USB as long as i need (about 50'), then plug that into the USB hub, then come out with a short USB A to USB B into my DAC..?? Where can i get the corning usb?
      Thanks Ron.. Hope all is well. My Mac gear is still running strong...
    6. DGMCalgary
      Every time I search the McIntosh forum I eventually find concise, valuable input, and many times it's thanks to you.

      Thanks much for your contributions.
    7. ApexRising

      Greetings. I am new to the forum, but have read much of what you and AutoMojo have to say about AMT-3 mods. I recently bought an AMT-4, and am considering a modification that would introduce a mid-bass driver. This will of course require a new crossover. I am wondering if you have a working schematic for the AMT-3 crossover, and if you think that this crossover would work with a single-woofer three-way configuration. I'm not sure how the doubled woofers affect the overall frequency response of the AMT-3's low end vs that of the single-woofered AMT4, and I have yet to test my AMT4's frequency curves, so i may be answering my own question there... Furthermore, I know you have suggested a mid-bass from Eminence, but I will likely be experimenting with a different ESS mid that came out of a Performance cab (as I already own it). Any thoughts or considerations you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


    8. oeno
      Hello Ron C,

      I have a bunch of KT-88 tubes I need to test. I was looking for someone local who had a tube tester and I ran across a post of yours from years back indicating you had one. I was wondering if you still had it, and if I could use to it test my tubes, if that wasn't too much trouble for you.

      I am in Menlo Park. You can email me back at

      Alan Simes
    9. mmurphy
      Hi Ron C.
      I was hoping you might be able to help me. I took delivery of brand new 601's on thursday (12/20). They are powering down when i have them set to "on" and no signal is going to them. I also have had one turn off while playing music at a low volume for no reason at all (the power guard light did not come on). If i set them to on with no control wires connected and go to bed I find them both in standby mode in the morning. Also as a test last night with the control wiring connected i set the power selector switch to on, turned off the pre amp (2300) the backlight for the meters turned off but the McIntosh logo stayed lit. After 32 minutes the right amplifier went to standby mode and over night the left amplifier went to standby mode.
      Do these amplifiers have a no signal turn off feature? There was nothing in the manual. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
      Mike Murphy
    10. ron-c
      Sorry, I have no info on these speakers.
      THanks, Ron
    11. innof
      Hello, and, I hope that this message finds you with all being well :) Can you please tell me if you have any information whatsoever with regards to the Technics SB-E100 or SB-E200 speaker system; I am attempting to rebuild the horn tweeters and have no details for them - impedence across the leads? diaphragm type? coil thickness? etc Allow me to extend my gratitude for both your time and kind consideration. In anticipation of your reply, Best Regards -
    12. Clay55
      Hello, My name is Clay. I was hoping you could tell me about how to stack XR5s removing the tops & bottoms and wiring them. I have a MQ 104 would I need two?Your thoughts on the idea would be helpful too.
      Any help would be great!!!!! Love your speakers by the way!
    13. Record108
      Wow! I think "Hard Rain" and "The Basement Tapes" were the first records I bought.
    14. Record108
    15. thefeds15
      Ron, thanks for helping me get my head around HT-PT on the C2200/C2300 etc. I have one last question; If my sub is hooked uop to the C2200, What will it play when the c2200 goes into PT mode? I would want to pass the sub channel from the HT preamp to it. Is that possible?
    16. JimBob
      Ron, why did Ivan Masterlu pick up and start his own forum???
    17. gregswaim
    18. masterlu
      Have to laugh, first sixstring's visitor message, then to see he's banned. lol
    19. Record108
      Hello Ron,

      Sorry for filling your mailbox but I was looking for one posting of yours and couldn´t find it: You once wrote that the MA6900 was basically a combination of a certain preamp with a certain power amp in one box. Could you tell me once more just which types of amps these are?

      Thank you so much in advance and have a good day
    20. SIGNHERE
      What is your experience with RGPC products? I recently purchased a 1200C as well as a Substation. The 1200C seems to be all it has been reported to be. I have my front end units (all Mcintosh). I then purchased a 240V Substation and plugged my 501's into it along with the 1200C........Sounds like someone threw a blanket over my system! Dynamics were GONE! I am surprised as Richard Gray sent me numerous pics of Mcintosh employees using the Substation/1200C and/or Powerhouse units at AUdio Shows. Any sugestions would be of great help.

      PS: Just picked up a MT10 and replaced my C2300 with a C1000/1000T! Hooking them up tonight.
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    product design- McIntosh
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