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May 14, 2012
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RW Oliver

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Jun 18, 2018 at 8:01 PM
    1. shawnra
      Hey Bob I started a conversation and invited you to it so I could upload pictures... enjoy.
    2. shawnra
      Hi Bob, The reason I'm contacting you is I recently bought a customized pair of Altec Stonehenge III inWinnipeg and your name and address were stamped on the inside. I was told these were used in a recording studio in the city and I was hoping you might remember which one you customized these for?

      Thanks for any info on you can give.
      1. RW Oliver
        RW Oliver
        Could ou send me some pictures
        problems with keboard
        Dec 26, 2016
    3. regan
      Good day I am looking to contact bob oliver regarding a pair of custom built speakers I have. Can any one suppy a contact number. I just signed up on this sight and will try sending a message when they allow me too. Thx for any help Regan
    4. roseau river
      roseau river
      Hi I have recently acquired a set of RW Oliver model 28-v speakers
      I'm very happy with the build quality etc ... But they don't sound right.
      They are very " nasally " sounding? Lacking in highs and Mids , bass is
      Good but otherwise like I say they just don't sound right ?
      Could it be that the caps need replacing?
      Also I was told that the tweeters may have been replaced could this be my problem?
      There are high frequencies coming out of them but the overall
      Sound of the speakers sounds like I'm hearing them through a tube?
      If that makes any sense.
      Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated , I'm also a fellow Winnipeger.
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