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FFXIV Summoner, from Marina CA, USA

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Feb 15, 2019 at 12:08 AM
    1. tylerdrew47
      Hey ryuuoh, do you still have the face plate for the Kenwood KA 9150?
    2. Dr.db

      I´m wondering if you are familiar with vintage sony amps, I´d be happy about your help :)
      I´m interested in the small "shoebox"-amps like the 3140 , 3130, 3120.... Do you have any experience with these and can describe their sound ?
      Are they some kind of special or just average vintage gear?

      Thanks a lot and best wishes from germany,
    3. Rob41
      Thanks for your help with my SAE 2600 repair. I really appreciate it very much.

    4. Hrodwulf666
      Hi Mate

      Thanks for the advice on the two 3130's. I got 2 y connectors could you explain your solution in more detail... Or as you would to a child lol.

      Thanks again!
    5. MrMark
      curious your impressions of the akai as-970 quad you have/had?. Do you know te wattage?

    6. just dave
      just dave
      Thanks for taking the time to answer my post on the Onkyo tuner. dave
    7. ryuuoh
      Good luck! I think ALPS still offers something close to your control.
    8. Gregor
      Hi thanks for the reply but to no avail. The remote works as it should with another Pioneer receiver. That one doesn't have a motorized dial, the C-91 does. I had a Kenwood with a motorized dial and it didn't like to go down, it was sluggish. I guess I'll have to rip it down and do some cleaning for starters! Thanks again!
    9. ryuuoh
      Hi, the thing to remember about speakers and amps is that low power amps when driven hard clip their signal, effectively sending a high amount of DC voltage to the speaker. This can damage tweeters and midranges. An amp rated with a good amount of power won't clip at the same volume. You can however destroy the speaker by over driving it. At most listening levels, having "headroom" (power above the speaker rating) is better.
      I've driven my 690s mostly with good quality ~100 watt amps. I don't try for concert levels of sound, though.
      Hope this explains things, and enjoy your 690s!
    10. wsissons
      Hi there Im the guy who got a pair of sb-6000s .you were right on with your opinion they are good speakers really differant to my ns 690s. I had a chance to open them up today as my wife and my 5 month son went out. my 690s ate the 6000s for breakfast not to say the 6000s sounded bad .just not in the 690s league. I have a question Im currently driveing my 690s with a hk 930 u seem to know these speakers what wattage do you suggest?????????and any make of amp I should be looking for? your opinion is very much appreciated . I was driveing them with a sta 2100 with is 120 watts aside and they handled this well I am wondering about wattage because they say that 80 watts is there max? I will say the 690s will be hard to get out of pole position for me and Ive tryed alot of speakers new and vintage....thanks your new 690s friend Wes....
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