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Sandy G
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Dec 1, 2017
May 2, 2003
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Rogersville, Tennessee

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Sandy G

Spiteful Old Cuss, Male, from Rogersville, Tennessee

Staff Member Moderator Subscriber
Sandy G was last seen:
Dec 1, 2017
    1. Dude111
      We mi$$ ya so much buddy!!!!!!!

      Your loved like crazy round here..
    2. zebra03
      Hope all is OK Sandy . AK is a little less feisty without you .
    3. jami w.
      jami w.
      Hey unca Sandy, I know you've been missing from ak. We've talked on the phone for many hours.
      I can't find your number
    4. viktormizer
      I opened the thread 'Reasonable for Dual 1264, Pioneer SX-550 and CS-88's' in the general audio discussion but it belongs in dollars and sense. Thanks for your help
    5. transmaster
    6. jason str
      jason str
      Hi, Can you give some information on advertising my business/websight on your forum please.

      Prices & options would be helpful.

      If you're not sure tell me where to get information.

      Thank you

    7. hionfi
      Sandy G : We've talked about posts from altinkster 92 and his attempt to discredit our company using AK. We're done with this, we'll be taking legal action and since he uses your site he will be dragging you into the action. This guy needs to be stopped, we've gone the nice route and that didn't work. Please call us at 315-396-5311. Rod @ HIONFI
    8. cubby01
      Hey Sandy, No harm, no foul. I was just surprised to see it and figured either you didn't perceive it as negatively as I did or I have a misunderstanding of it's use. Could be that too. I've always though it was similar to how people use 'gook' or 'spic' or 'wop'. They have that borderline offensiveness that you don't hear in public as much as you did years ago. ....I deleted my comment. if you delete the comment comment it will be as if it never happened. ..Now we can talk about 'hillbilly' :)
    9. tbonexoxo2
      Thanks, I found it, still finding my way around. Ya he jerks my chain but got more important things to think about for few days. Thanks n take care.
    10. tbonexoxo2
      Sandy why was this thread on Welbourne Labs closed? Have I crossed some line or rule, I was tring to do a service to the people out there. If I did then please tell me & I will adjust it but to just close it only helps a company that is doing a great disservice to the readers of this formum. Thanks Terry
    11. Rod Beauvex
      Rod Beauvex
      You're only an hour away from me. :D
    12. thebeez85
      Cool! I have family in Knoxville and lifelong friend in Bristol area, well, Kingsport. :)
    13. thebeez85
      Rogersville...that near Knoxville?
    14. jami w.
      jami w.
      some reason my message isnt going through, how far you from maryville tenn?
    15. jami w.
      jami w.
      unca sandy gimme a ring 1 774 360 3991
    16. just dave
      just dave
      Hey Sandy,How are ya?I'm good and so's the family, even the hound.Wow your up to 32k posts, now that's amazing.But I got ya beat in visits,take that! Just wanted to wish you a merry Xmas.Take care,Dave
    17. rfolden
      Is that a 69 lincoln?
    18. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Sandy, looks like mhardy6647 beat you out of the top poster spot,
      Go get 'im! :D
    19. rmasteller
    20. Georgepoulos
      Hi sandy do you know if they are having the akfest this year ? member George Poulos
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