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Jul 26, 2018
Sep 16, 2006
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Aug 2, 1955 (Age: 63)
Electronic Manufacturing and Funtional Testing

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Super Member, Male, 63, from Appleton,WI

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Jul 26, 2018
      Hello SET12,
      I am considering purchasing a modded pair of Klipsch Forte 2's and I was wondering if you could help me? How much space do they need around them? My listening room is 9'x13' with a 10' ceiling and I was wondering if this room is large enough? Please contact me at thomasfarrell32@msn.com
      Thank You,
    2. Dave C
      Dave C
      Pretty quiet in your camp lately Dan, what's been happening?
    3. SET12
      No,one does not have change the value of the cap with the C-Core Auto-transformers as the load reflected to the cap is the same. Can't believe I didn't see your post here!
    4. cbarth
      Greetings SET.

      I was wondering if you had to change the value of the cap in front of your c-core auto transformer or do any other adjustments of the values of the stock forte network to make it integrate properly?

      And by the way; thanks for your great work and effort you put in to this project, and for sharing it with the rest of us!

      Keep up the great work!

    5. Luckytiger
      Just picked up a pair of Forte' I's and can't leave well enough alone. Thinking about Crites for Ti tweeter and phenolic mid diaphrams. ALK for extreme slope crossover kit with autoformers from Crites. You obviously know your way around the Forte and wondered what your thoughts were. Don't know if I can put 2k into crossovers, but I can get close. Thanks
    6. SET12

      Good afternoon to you!

      What you should know is I am not a speaker designer. The only thing I have done is build my networks outboard from the original schematic using some the worlds best subjectively sounding components

      The Mods I have done allow me to subjectively evaluate any given component in my crossovers and voice them to my system needs or should I say my tastes which have high subjective demands that commonly available parts do not meet IMO.

      When your using the level of subjective quality that I am using now there are far fewer issues to contend with sonically.

      When the parts values are high, the costs become high so then compromising becomes more involved.

      And even with the nearly $2000 in my networks I have compromised for if I wanted to I could easily spend $10,000 for these networks. It's really a matter of what's enough for you vs cost.This is what I had to spend.

      Keep in touch and I'd be happy to give some opinions.

    7. GarethJones
      good morning!

      Ive seen you posting quite a bit about crossover network design, and id sure appreciate if you'd give your opinion on my problem.
      Ive got a Pair of custom built khorns I've been working on, and id like to build new crossovers for.
      The drivers are - electro voice t-350s for tweeters,
      atlas pd-5v compression horns for mids,
      Altec 515b's for woofers.

      Ill make a post in the speaker forum because im pretty much a noob about this stuff, but i sure respect your opinions and would love a bit of direction.
    8. SET12
      Your Right about that! For those that want to follow this Larry is here


      And my thread of course is here


      With Duelund caps I can't imagine it getting any better as they are IMO a cut above the rest if you can afford them. As you said Larry its the mids where the meat of the music is!

      So Larry see my response on this at your thread and if you can do post your work and comments on my thread as well and yeah it does go on for ever but theres a lot of subject matter covered including thoughts on amps and such.


    9. idadude
      Hey, I'm the guy from Klipsch forums with the KLF-20s. I posted some questions there if you don't mind helping me sort this information out so that I can make some decisions on what to buy. None of the cap purchases seem to be simple or inexpensive. I'm just wondering what you thought. Thanks.

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    Aug 2, 1955 (Age: 63)
    Electronic Manufacturing and Funtional Testing
    40 yrs of audio experience, 1.5 yrs of Electronics Training. Advanced DIYer, Tube Amp designer and builder.

    Photography, Home Theater done with 2 channel, Motor Sports, Science Fiction , Jazz and fine dining.


    Klipsch R28F's with Outboard Hyper-drive Crossovers, 10 AWG Solen inductors, Duelund resistors, Obbligato Gold Capacitors,CAT 5 wiring.