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Oct 26, 1954 (Age: 64)
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AK Subscriber, 64, from Maryland

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    1. Splatter Pak
      Splatter Pak
      I saw your inquiry about the Acoustat pre. Is this posting on others' profiles the new way to PM? I'm still getting used to the new format. Anyway, I checked, and I do have the RP-2 - had to pull the rack out and peek at the back. I don't know much about it technically, but I did take a photo of the innards - would that help?
    2. sfox52
      Frank- Thanks for the reply. A previous owner removed the resistors that padded the output to 32db ( I think?) The output is too hot ands sounds harsh/brittle especially with CDs and digital sources. The manual mentions removing the resistors in order to boost the output by 10db. It look like the "sockets" for the removable resistors were jumpered and soldered over. What I would like to find out is the value and wattage of the resistors so I can install something to get back to the original set up.
      If I could find a schematic, that would help. I may resort to external line attenuators.
    3. avahifi
      Boy, was that many long years ago. I did work with Jim Strickland on that preamp but I have no records about it at all. It is probably a IC phono section with the RIAA EQ done as a feedback loop around the IC, nothing breathtaking.

      Do you have a problem with it?

    4. rebellovw
      We like it quite a bit - we have been here almost two years and came from the Bay Area right across from San Francisco. Definitely very dry though which takes getting used to - my only concern with Prescott is the water issue - Prescott has been in a drought for over 10 years and they are still building houses. I love the weather though as I've said it has been very dry this year - last year we had lots of rain and much more snow - I'm hoping this next year is better.

    5. Wolverine

      Not sure what you mean by "earred" but the woofer is round. Cabinets are in pretty good shape. I can post pics on the thread or send you pics if you want to send me an e-mail address.
    6. byoungman1
      Happy birthday!
    7. PJ62
      Yes it is! It's the Baron Barracuda's sidekick Trigger Fish. I used to watch it in the 60's on the Ray Rayner Show on WGN out of Chicago. It wasn't until much later that I realized that it was a cigarette hanging out of his mouth! Nice role model for kids.......
    8. silvioc2a
      Hi sfox, I've seen an old message where you gave help on SR-717 Sansui TT. Do you still have this TT? I'm asking 'cos I need to know the weight of the lateral balancer. Can you give me this information? If possible, send me a message to this address: scaa@amazon.com.br. Thanks a lot. Best.
    9. Old_Tech
      Scott, I will look for you. It is unforgettable...
    10. theophile
      I don't know Greg personally.I was aware of his expertise 20 years ago when he made an amp called the 'Eidetic GB-2'.The amp got a rave review in an Aussie Hi-Fi Mag.
    11. sfox52
      Yes, I still have the shirt back from my solo in 1970! The Johnson Rocket was a short lived 1946 production- only the taildragger prototype & 17 of the tricycle geared 185's were built. My dad's was # 9, I believe. You may run across a picture of his & another like it- both painted red but dad's has cream colored trim. The design is often called "the Tucker of the Air" because of the innovations it featured.
    12. Mazeppa
      Never had the privilege of flying a J3. I soloed in a '39 Taylorcraft, had a big circular wheel. Looked like they took it off an old bicycle or something. Great airplane. Did you get the back of your shirt cut out and signed by the witnessing pilots when you soloed? They told me it was traditional to "clip the wings" of new pilots to keep them getting too cocky.
      Grand Champion at Oshkosh, eh? sounds like your dad was accomplished, indeed. Johnson Rocket 185 is unfamiliar to me, I'm off to see what Google can reveal about them.
    13. Mazeppa
      Stick & rudder from a short grass strip in the late 70's. Single and able to devote all my time and meager resources to an addicition more demanding than audio.
      You were a flyer? If so what were your wings of choice?
    14. Harmonica
      Man that would be awesome to have an original Once Upon a Time in the West poster, I looove that movie.
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    Oct 26, 1954 (Age: 64)
    Currently retired
    Brewery Maintenance Tech

    Stereo, Fishing, Homebrew(once in a while )


    Douk audio homebrew SS amp. Counterpoint Solid 8 Linestage Preamp. Pro-Ject Phono S phono pre. Sansui SR 717 with Denon DL 110 a la needlestein. Bugle phono pre, Dual 1009f with Pickering System Series. Oppo DV 980H for CD playback. Magnestand MMG speakers.