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Oct 22, 2018 at 8:49 AM
Jan 31, 2008
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South East PA

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Oct 22, 2018 at 8:49 AM
    1. LarryD98
      Jim, Because you have helped me I am thinking about giving you the remainder of the speakers along with the cabinets. I know if anyone could bring them back you could. Or even have them for parts. They are doing me no good just sitting here. I am just getting more depressed looking at them. But I think shipping is going to cost a bunch?. I did not know you were a machinist, Manuals or cnc?
    2. bored184
      Thanks! It was created for a thread either on this forum or the Polk forum, I will have to go looking for it because it was rather amusing.
    3. repeater
      Thanks man! Sorry I saw this message 2 whole years later, but I haven't come here very much!
    4. idadude
      I grew up in West Virginia and though we lived at least a mile from any train track, you could hear them running almost any time of the day. Now they are a rarity and most of the tracks are hiking paths, that's sad. To me trains were (and still are) powerful and awesome machines that I have respect for. When I'm around them they make that time very special to me.
      This picture was taken off of an old record cover from an album titled 'All Aboard!'.
    5. slimpikkins
      No, not a chicken it's a cat :) That is Marlon Brando playing Vito Corleone in the Godfather. The pic is from the beginning of the movie. It's a classic scene.
    6. Rod Beauvex
      Rod Beauvex
      Is...is he holding a chicken...? D:
    7. slimpikkins
      Hello, sorry I didn't see this messege sooner. I have the manual only. It does have a schematic but not the tech guide. If you call Audio Research and talk to Calvin he may be able to guide you in trouble shooting. They are very friendly there. Lenard used to be the man but I think he retired or went on to bigger and better things. Calvin aways returns my calls and is very helpful.

      If you want some copies of the pages in my manual I'd be glad to send you some. The d-115's are getting pretty old these days but well worth the trouble to fix. I had Wayne at In House Service in NY work on mine a couple years ago. It became unpredictable with snapping and poping. Someone had moded the power supply years ago and he made it stock again and also recapped it and thankfully it has been fine ever since. I can re set the bias and change out tubes but that is as far as I have gone.
    8. jlwu
      Any chance you might be kind enough to share the D-115 tech guide with me?
      I am having a strange regulator oscillation on mine (120mV or so but annoying to see on the scope and causes a whistling during the first 30 seconds of turn on)
      Much appreciate the help in advance. Best regards,
      J W
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    South East PA
    Mt. biking, fishing, rc cars/helicopters, metal detecting, home repair, old machinery


    ARC D-115, LS7, McIntosh MC7200, MR 7083, Odyssey Stratos, Tempest, Marantz 16b, 33, Philips 578, 572, Infinity RSII, RSIIb, RS2.5, RS4, Infinitesimal 0.1, Dahlquist DQ10, DQ8
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