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    1. Bhuvaneshwar
      Regarding a sansui 777a
      Help requested
      (a) Kindly provide list of parts for restoration i.e. capacitors (type/rating/manufacturer), resistors, variable resistors and all transistors (equivalent).
      (b) is it possible for you to source the parts needed and get it shipped to me.
    2. ricksiri
      So I installed them flat side facing the knob side of board, . That is opposite of what yours appear like. I finished up the board, hooked some speakers and Ipod up, but get no sound...aaagh. Any thoughts? Thanks
    3. ricksiri
      Hello smurfer77. I'm working on the tone control pc board on my Sansui AU-505. I am looking at your re-cap thread. In the photo of your tone control board it looks like your transistors are put in with flat side facing away from the knob side of the board. Does that make sense? :-) I'm replacing the 2sc1312's with ksc1845's. I thought the pinout was the same for both transistors.
    4. RodMan66
      Hello, I just acquired a pair of the SP-2000 speakers as well, to go with my 800. I saw your resto thread on the SP-2000. I don't suppose you have a list of which caps you got/from where?

    5. Electricjay
      Hey. I have recently acquired an au70 and a tu70. They looked totally untouched. Original caps tubes etc. I have some knowledge of guitar tube amps and can solder well but I think this is out of my league. I don't have the equipment to do it right. Do you do repairs or know someone that does repairs on these sansui amps and tuner? Thanks jay
    6. Bill Magnan
      Bill Magnan
      I was reviewing your postings on the AU777A rebuild. I also have one I picked up back in 1970 I am planning on re-caping and making some minor mods.
      I was wondering if you have any changes from your original suggestion or things you would have done differently?
      Thanks for any suggestion or advice you can provide.
      1. smurfer77
        Hi Bill,

        I was significantly more novice when I did that rebuild but aside from a few odd comments, most holds true. But, you don't need to go all out like I did... main thing is the electrolytic caps at first to keep her running for another 40-50 years
        Nov 29, 2017
      2. Bill Magnan
        Bill Magnan
        Yes have done some tube HAM systems, always start with the power supply and work out. likely will take several months - I will let you know how it goes.
        Nov 30, 2017
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    7. Pol

      I saw your magnificient case, congrats!!! very nice idea!!!
      I'm interested in the plexyglass case for.. 777A.

      Is it possible that do you can sell me one ?

      we'll keep in touch,

      PS: Excuse me for my english.
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