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SoCal Sam
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Jun 23, 2017 at 5:30 AM
Mar 4, 2006
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Sep 18, 1965 (Age: 51)

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SoCal Sam

Lunatic Member, Male, 51

What do you need? Dec 2, 2016

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Viewing forum Solid State, Jun 23, 2017 at 5:30 AM
    1. SoCal Sam
      SoCal Sam
      What do you need?
    2. charzo
      Hi....do you still have those L45's?
    3. RonG
      Thank you
    4. SoCal Sam
      SoCal Sam
      Parts are not that expensive except for main filters which can be pricey. Labor is the wild card. Try pacificstereo.net.
    5. RonG
      rotel rx 1603 never been serviced whats your estimate on a restore
    6. SoCal Sam
    7. JarredCrowe
      I have a chance to get a crown xls202(non D) for $170 locally. After seeing your posts on it do you think it would be a wiser choice for the money than another adcom amp? I'm very familar with how adcoms sound but have never heard this crown before.
      Thanks for your time.
    8. SoCal Sam
      SoCal Sam
      New AK and Windows 10 equals thumbs up for speed. Software is faster than ever.
    9. labios
      I will look into it and let you know, thanks!
    10. SoCal Sam
      SoCal Sam
      I have a parts 7.5D that may have the control you are looking for. If you can research it and it is, let me know. I used to have a parts 2.5 but I pretty sure it is gone now.
    11. labios
      Hi Sam
      i am looking for a dual tone control knob for a Concept 16.5 receiver (if anyone else has one... as far as I can tell the same knob was used for for enhanced bass and treble control on the 11.0, 6.5, 5.5 and maybe other Concept models) and I was hoping you were the SoCal-Sam that posted you had knobs like this in this yahoo group a few years ago? If so I'd be very interested, thanks, Http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/conceptaudio/conversations/messages/773
    12. kaplang
      Thanks. Found some stryofoam like you described at box city. A little pricey but better then damaged vintage equipment.
    13. SoCal Sam
      SoCal Sam
      Hi kaplang:

      Use medium density styrofoam sheets. It will have some give like styrofoam coffee cups. It is the same stuff used to ship furniture. In fact, I dumpster dive at furniture stores, LOL.

      Regards, Sam.
    14. kaplang
      Hello Sam,

      I can't find a post that you replied too. It was about you using stryofoam to protect things that you ship. You mentioned a specific grade stryofoam and I don't remember what it was. I have a heavy amp I need to ship and want to make sure it gets to its destination undamaged. Would you please tell me what styrofoam you use and where you get it. I usually buy my shipping supplies from Box City and they may have what you use.

    15. endervox
      Hello SoCal... I saw your post about fixing up a Marantz 2500. Any chance you have a spare volume pot? My Marantz 2500 has been completely restored but the volume pot is funky. I'm desperately trying to find one. Let me know. :)
    16. Robbie4477
      Hello i really Need abit of help
      on my Pc2002M on the DC board there are 2 zdiodes with the marking Jt 85 5
      on them black with a blue ring i cant figure out what to replace them with there on space marked 517 518
    17. N2k2m1ch1Man
      Hi Sam, any update on the Technics SA-1000 receiver?
    18. just dave
      just dave
      Hey Sam,
      What's going on? Just makin the rounds with all my friends wishin everybody a merry Xmas,All's good up here no snow yet which kinda bums me out.Hey the Bulls are playing the Lakers Xmas day,Lakers are gonna get clobbered. Merry Xmas and take care Dave
    19. The Gorn
      The Gorn
      I just bought an NAD 3150. I was wondering what mods were worth doing to it.
    20. SoCal Sam
      SoCal Sam
      Hi, sorry no. I take my Marantz repairs to Tom.
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    Sep 18, 1965 (Age: 51)