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Nov 8, 2006
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Apr 11, 1956 (Age: 62)
Seattle area
Retired Software Engineer

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< speakerlab 7's, 62, from Seattle area

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Mar 19, 2019 at 9:51 AM
    1. Semper HiFi
      Semper HiFi
      I had to say Hi. I was researching Dahlquist 905's and when you mentioned someone in the Posies dug them, I said good enough for me. That's the type of endorsement I need, seriously haha. Thanks for that, it makes me satisfied somehow and the speakers do sound dope (Radio Clash is my test record since I was 13, then Alex Chilton Live in London). Cheers from Portland, Brad
    2. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      Hi Dick, Being that you are the resident SpeakerLab expert, I saw a pair of "SpeakerLab One" speakers at a local thrift store. They look to be in good shape,except for replacement grill cloths. Price was $20.00 for the pair. What is your opinion of them? Ed
    3. kuad
      Hi there!
      I would like the...Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails (UK pressing) EMI/Capitol GO-2012 NM-/NM- both sides are high gloss and NM-; killer pressing & both sides play NM- two pops about 5 minutes into track 1, side 1; cover is NM-; plain white inner sleeve. Now --> $20

      Let me know paypal info.
    4. kvnbntly
      im new here and found a post of yours about a concept 2.0 i have one of these also and notices you had mentioned a "deoxit bath" to fix a weak left channel. mine has the same problem. i had hooked up some freebe speekers and apparently there was a short in them or some thing, as the protect light came on. after unplugging and repowering the light went off, but the left channel is weak now. i'm really missing my stereo. like you said the best soundin 20 watts i ever heard.
    5. Spalls
      Hi Dick:

      I hope that life is treating you well these days.

      I am in the process of building a pair of Speakerlab Ks, and have been reading all kinds of stuff on the net about how bad the 1-inch throat midrange is and that 2-inch is the way to go. It is pretty darn expensive to go with 2-inch drivers. What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the K Horns with the 1-inch driver? Please give me a call at your convenience to discuss if you like. 425-218-4619.

      Best regards,

      Dave Williams
    6. Thermal run
      Thermal run
      How are you, I have a quick question I have some super 7 on graiglist for 75$ near me they are in great shape they have the leaf tweeters. Are they a good deal sorry to bug you. Have a great Thanksgiving!
    7. statman122
      Tom, is this you? I'ts Steve from Spokane!
    8. harrycrishna
      Nice avatar pic!
      We saw Paul Kantner & David Freiburg in concert in a cellar in Edinburgh not long ago. About 100-200 people only. As a fan of JA ans JS since they began it was awesome but thought-provoking to see such great legends playing to such a small, younger crowd.
      Grace was absolutely gorgeous at Woodstock and before. Have you seen her recently? Isn't ageing cruel to our looks?!
    9. Ilikevinyl
      Thank You for your nice comment on my Aretha Franklin
      "Laughing On The Outside" album. It's a Columbia 2-eye
      Stereo 360 Sound label. This album sounds really good.
      It's Aretha at her best! One classy album!
    10. Magnetron
      Hello Dick, how are you? Long time!! Sorry for dropping out of sight for awhile. I hope all is weel with you.
    11. SpeakerLabFan
      Nice to meet you too Mike, it's great to put faces to the AK names at those get togethers. Sorry we couldn't hear more of those speakers. Sir Byrd said he's almost finished, so I should have the woofers back for the 4425s by Friday. I'm not hurting right now w/ using aDs 710 in the bedroom system, but I'm looking forward to getting these back in place.
    12. Mike Gibson
      Mike Gibson
      It was a pleasure meeting you at the PNW affair. Did you get those woofers refoamed yet?
    13. AChinneth
      I was told to send you a message to see if you had literature for SpeakerLab 6's. I am having a hard time finding the info on line.
    14. Bucky Badger
      Bucky Badger
      Hi SpeakerlabFan, My name is Dan and I live in Portland. I read on one of your post's that you had a pair of Andromeda III's I think, or they could have been Phase III's, I forget. Anyway I just wanted to see how you liked them. I have a pair of each and love them. I took the pair of Andromeda up to Bob and we spent the day together putting his CRM ribbons on. They sound great.
      I just wanted to say Hi and how you liked yours.
    15. bribaby181
      am trying to sell a sansui stereo as a set, i have a tuner yu-717, amplifier au-717 and 2 speakers sp-x7700 and i'm having a little trouble trying to figure out what to price them at, everything is in great shape except the covers that go on the front of the speakers, can i sell them without? i also have never been used rack handles and side stands for the amp and tuner, plus all the wires and cables needed. please someone try to help me price them?
    16. BwanaJim
      Head's up......

    17. meandog
      Just dropped in to say hi. I usually don't have a lot to say but have been known to ask a few questions. Usually a lurker but hoping to change that. Have a good one!!!
    18. stoutblock
      Where did you buy your Onix?
    19. SpeakerLabFan
      Yo Cliff! ...would like to see yer latest, and it would be interesting to see what works on that tubed Sansui receiver. :thmbsp:
    20. spaceman
      Hey Dick, long time no see. Sorry I missed your last get together. You should stop by sometime, & check out some new toys I got in tubed gears. Bring your Sansui if you want, & we'll run your tubes on my tester. It'll still need recapped, but at least you'll know if you have good tubes.
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    Apr 11, 1956 (Age: 62)
    Seattle area
    Retired Software Engineer
    Seattle University alum, 1st Stereo equipment purchase early 70's Speaker kits.


    Cary-AE AE-3 MkII Pre/Fosgate Signature Tube Phono Pre/Rega P9/Benz Wood
    KT-9900/McIntosh MC-2205/JBL 4430
    JBL 4430 video
    Azur 640P/1800MK2/M97xE//VPI 16.5
    Manley Stingray/TubeDAC/JBL 4425