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    1. dean man jim
      dean man jim

      The TD 150 is a special example of a synergistic design, with the sum of the various bits being greater than the individual bits. Alas many people don't give the arm much of a chance. It deserves every chance, though--two years ago I sold my Michell Gyro SE with Michell arm (about 3K, new), in favor of putting my TD 150 back into my system full time.

      The weight I have handy is 17.28g and it is about 5/8" in diameter. I don't have any spares but the weights show up occasionally on ebay and at vinyl nirvana.

      However in the mean time the arm will work fine without the outrigger weight, by simply using the main weight to set tracking force. It may take a little longer to set the force you need, but it will work just fine.

      I've never put a TP16 on mine, but I would imagine it could work well.

      I hope this helps,

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