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Aug 20, 2008
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Jul 20, 1964 (Age: 54)
Kansas City

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Two Channel Only, 54, from Kansas City

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    1. HamDog
      Hi Eric, just wanted I received your payment. Thanks!
    2. wirenut481
      Hi! I hope you can help me. I feel my Sansui G9000db is not performing up to par so I posted in one of the forums, and ManyMoonsAudio suggested I contact you directly. I'm in NW Indiana. I think it needs a good cleaning, DC offset and bias set to start with. I understand you are Chicago-based and might be able to recommend a local expert. All the suggestions from the forum require shipping which I am not opposed to, but would prefer local service. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
    3. MikeCh
      Dear Mr. and Mrs.,

      It is surely you that rock...the coolest cuuple I know. Peace.

    4. baranyi
      This is Bob from Chicago. I never received your email regarding the altec gear. I was really wondering if you remembered who the Bozak guys were in the northern suburbs. My cell is 312-493-0700. or you can call me toll free 1-855-USA HIFI
    5. stereorob
      wow a couple into vintage stereoing!!! AWSOME! my wife hates my hobby lol
    6. yesterdaze
      Hello Eric,
      We almost met once early this year. Maybe someday... My nakamichi 1000zxl needs a little help, and I was wondering if you would suggest a qualified tech in the midwest. I heard of a guy in AZ, I think, but I am not excited about shipping it.
    7. dragon
      Hey guys, hope all is well with ya all. Jan's still doing chemo and may have to for the rest of here life but she's back to her normal self. She goes once a week for chemo and she's in trails with some new meds.
      My most interesting audio acquisition is a Sony reciever. No, I haven lost my mind. It's a model STR-GC909ES, A sony flagship from 1979. Sold new for about $1500.00 in '79. It's an A/V 5.1 reciever with all the bells & whistles. So many that it took me about an half hour just to get the FM dialed in. It's super clean and has a lot of soundstage and depth. It's very stable and will run my Ohn F's but only at 85 watts per/ch. I'm toying with the idea of seeing if "Acustic" will give it the once over and get some more power out of it. I've never used him but met him at the "KC Fest" a couple of years back. Any experience with him? My email is still Later, Gil
    8. yesterdaze
      Hello Eric. I am sorry I missed the opportunity to score your Pioneer components. I got back from AZ last night and thought I would drop a line as I had not heard from you yet. Maybe we can meet sometime soon to discuss our audio enthusiasm. Brian - 847-840-1359
    9. Endspec
      Were you been? i called the otherday and you wernt home? you in chicago now?
    10. vintage 5.0
      vintage 5.0
      Hey Eric enjoyed talking the other day. Do you have a pic of the Paradigm speakers? What model number are they. Thanks Ken
    11. ~Maxx
      Hope the holidays were good for you guys!
    12. Urizen
      Eric and Erin, I hope you enjoy them! It was my pleasure to meet you both.

    13. dragon
      When Jan's through with chemo we'll have you over for refreshments.
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    Jul 20, 1964 (Age: 54)
    Kansas City
    Husband and wife audio enthusiasts


    "Maintain low tones" Mcintosh MC2205, C34v, MR78, MPI4 Ariston RD40 tt, Dunlavy SC IVa sig's
    Phase Linear 4000 pre/700 pwr Aztec Renoir III. Onkyo RT 303 mini system & Martin logan Aerius I