May 23, 2003
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Oct 27, 1950 (Age: 68)
Southeast NY
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For the Love of the Music, Male, 68, from Southeast NY


Retired Apr 7, 2018

    1. JWoodoff
      I posted in Turntables requesting info on someone locally (Brooklyn, NY) who services Benj Miracord turntables. The owner of the Dual Turntable Repair Facebook page suggested I ask you for feedback. I have 2 model 50 H II turntables. They seem complete (one has a broken tonearm). I would be glad to have one working turntable and offer the other for parts. Thanks.

    2. olddude55
      Eric, olddude55 here. No I didn't actually boil that cat in my avatar.
      Hey, I'll be happy to take you up on your offer of the Dual 1019 cartridge sled.
      Shoot me an email ( and I'll send along my address.


    3. stereofisher
    4. mistermax
      Hi Eric,
      I tried pm'ing you but maybe you don't get email alerts for pm's, or just haven't checked lately, so figured I'd try this. Anyway, I'd love to set a time to drive up and pick up that SX-850. What works for you?
    5. jleon92f
      Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Day!
    6. Tinkerbelle
      Good evening Eric. Did you notice the requests for information on the Heathkits for VOA, such as tubes included, condition of units or pics?


    7. Tinkerbelle
      Hi Eric,

      I guess my last post did not get through; weird...

      Sure I will take them and they can be a someday Winter project. However, I have an alternative idea for you - you could put them up for bids in the AK VOA Charity for Christmas fundraiser. That way, you are still giving Karma and some poor family kids will greatly benefit from your generosity.

      Thanks again!

    8. stereofisher

      Don't really need anything. Ken says you have a lot of stuff, so you never know. The tuner is solid state so I turned it on. Cleaned up nice. Fixed the dial cord. No AM. I am not in this hobby to make a lot so we can talk..eric
    9. Tinkerbelle
      No worries about the pics. I know what they look like. The amp is good EL84 if transformers are OK. Please let me know what you want for it or maybe trade for something you might need/want/like...
    10. Tinkerbelle
      Hi Eric,

      Thank you so much for the gracious offer. Do you know the models?
      I know what you mean about not finding time to get to these :)
      Enjoy the weekend!
    11. Gang-Twanger
      Yeah, those cart-carriers are a pain. I actually have to do a cart-swap on one of mine because one of the carriers died, but I had picked up another spare, so I still have two that work. I figure I need about 5 of those things to cover cart-swapping and breakdowns and what not. The key to it seems to be a matter of learning as much as much as possible about how those things work, not to mention what's different about the ones that work vs the ones that are problematic (Does one fit better than the other and that sort of thing).

      I noticed that the terminals tend to get pushed down on the tight-fitting cart-carriers (because you end up pushing it a little harder to make sure it's all the way on the headshell) . Either that or the cart wires get moved around. And yet the ones that fit perfectly and go on nice and easy are the ones that seem to last the longest. There's gotta' be something to that.
    12. eagleeyedjoe
      Hey Eric thanks for the offer but im in the UK and shipping would be more than i can buy one for to be honest but many thanks that was such a generous offer, i wish it was this time last year and spent xmas in NY, but hey ho.

      have a nice xmas
    13. stereofisher

      The EICO will be here when you are ready. I plan on getting the manuals for both Kenwoods so I can figure out where the offset pots are and bring up the left channels. Got another 7200 on the way! Stay in touch,

    14. Tinkerbelle
      Well, better low than high but it's interesting that first one reads that much lower on the left.
      I get a long break over the Christmas/New Year period so that would be a good time for me to work on a new project.
    15. Tinkerbelle
      Hey Eric,
      Happy Thanksgiving! It's nice to hear from you.

      I'm glad you still have the EICO. Thank you, thank you! I think you said that Sundays & Mondays are best for you right? If so, maybe we can meet up one Sunday that's convenient to you. Otherwise, I'll try to make any other day that would fit your schedule.
      For measuring DC Offset, follow the instructions in this thread: As far as setting DC Offset, if you haven't done it before you'd need the service manual to be sure to do it correctly. Do you have the manual?
    16. sanford12
      Wow. Thanks Eric. I really appreciate it. I'll be posting some pictures of it tonight and you can see why it needs the knob the one on it looks pretty ratty. My address is
      Mark Day
      2007 Oak Dr.
      Eureka IL. 61530
      Let me know what you need for it. Regards. Mark
    17. Econpasha
      Hi Stereofisher:
      About Teac 3340S. You wrote that "idler wheel on the right side will not engage because of many years of sitting around, the grease dries out. Last 4 TEACs I had here have had that problem. The good news is its an easy fix.

      Easy fix??? Please help me. How? If I push the idler wheel against the capstan, it engages and will play/record fine. How do I replace/replenish the grease? Many, many thanks. My email:
    18. stereofisher
      Posted you on PM. If you need parts on your 1215 let me know. Have parts unit...Eric
    19. Shackman55
      Trying to get my Dual up and running if you think that would be a good match for a 1215 I'd love to have a good cart on it. Right now I have an old Shure with mismatched stylus from GW
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    Oct 27, 1950 (Age: 68)
    Southeast NY
    Semi retired
    love music,hate new audio.

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