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    1. investordc
      Hello, I read with interest your comments about the HK 330b. U know a lot about them and i could use some good advice.
      I currently have 4 hk 330b ( 3 from Japan and 1 made in taiwan). Of the 4 HK's i have , only one is 100% and that is killer. I BYPASS the preamp section and use a line pre-amp and i just love it. I also have 4 epos bookshelf speakers.

      I am currently running all 4 HK speakers off the one HK 330B. I dont go crazy on volume but i worry that i could damage the amp?? I am not a tech - just a pianist/musician with a demanding ear LOL. The HK doesn't even get hot. I tried "linking 2 HK amps " ( one for each set of speakers) but the sound was surprisingly muddied so I just stick with the 1 HK for now.

      ALSO do u have any good leads for a person/shop who would fix these for a reasonable price.. My top end for a decent repair should probably not exceed $300 considering their limited value.

      ANY advice u can give would be highly appreciative. Regards, Carl
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