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Nov 18, 2003
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Dirty pool, old man?, from Kelso, Washington

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Mar 19, 2019 at 1:22 PM
    1. bralex
      Hello tarior! I was told by catrafter that you may have access to power switches for a marantz 2500?? I would appreciate a reply to let me know if this is the case.
      I am in need for my own version! Thanks!!

      Bruce (bralex)
    2. cfinchrist
      Hmmm... Can't see where or how to send a PM. How are you Arthur, are you up for doing any repairs in the near future? Chris
    3. tarior
      Send me a PM, not a visitor message.
    4. smartcat
      Tarior: I have a Sansui G6000 that at one point had too many speakers hooked up to it and now it no longer works, is this something you can possibly repair?
    5. tarior
      Happy to do it, Dave.
    6. Spalls
      Hi Arthur:

      Just wanted to thank you for doing such a nice job rebuilding the 10-inch woofers for my Speakerlab SA-500s. They sound great! Great job on the packing, by the way.

      Thanks again!

      Dave Williams
    7. tarior
      Anybody needing repair questions answered should please send me a PM, and not a visitor message.
    8. Leonard-wa
      Hey, Sir.Byrd told me that you now have the pair of PC 65's. I was wondering what size surrounds you got for them when refoaming. Thanks.
    9. tarior
      Send me a PM.
    10. allhartfidelity
      Howdy, Been in contact with Glenn, (echo wars) and he thought I might give you a ring and see if you want to handle a repair on a marantz model 19? I live up in Bremerton, but do make it down to your area as I was born in Longview, and visit the folks there.
      Was thinking of taking one of my quad units to a guy in Oregon as well, and could swing in.
      any how, just checking you out, and your availability.
    11. Spalls
      Hey Arthur: I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying my AR SP-3A-1 since you did such a nice job of getting it up and running again. Thanks again!

      Dave Williams
    12. tarior
    13. Brad Muller
      Brad Muller
      Tarior, you still running shop?
    14. ORBlackFZ1
      How do I learn more about the NWM for 2012? Is there a particular forum to watch?
    15. Brad Muller
      Brad Muller
      Tarior, how's the shop working out up there in Kelso? It's getting cold an wet in the couve. Brad
    16. tarior
      Thanks for coming, it was great having you there.
    17. Spalls

      I would like to thank you very much for hosting the PNW 2010 event today. It was very generous of you to arrange this. I really, really enjoyed it. AKers and gear - a combination that I have learned is hard to beat. I really enjoyed listening to your big JBLs, as well as all of the other gear there. This is somewhat embarrassing, but before today I had never heard JBL or Infinity speakers, so I was learning a lot. I am glad you liked the IMFs; I have been quite pleased with them.

      I will be giving you a shout in the near future in regard to some gear work I would like you to consider.

      Best regards,

      Dave Williams
    18. just dave
      just dave
      Hi just dave here.I was wondering where you got the pic of your avatar from I love it.
    19. HomeBody
    20. CrMo79
      A friend of mine is selling me a Yamaha CA-1000. It was suggested by 2 AK members that I get in my car and drive 30 minutes from Portland to have you overhaul it for me. Is this something you'd be interested in doing? Are you familiar with these amps?
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