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Mar 30, 2008
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January 11
Dallas Metroplex
Industrial electrician by trade, work as maintenan

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Jun 20, 2017 at 12:38 AM
    1. Josh33
      Hey there,

      Sorry to bother you, but i recently came across your thread about the Peavey MK-IV mixer. A buddy recently gave one to me, and im attempting to bring it back to life but im pretty new to working on mixers. I was wondering if you would be willing/able to send me a picture of area under the top right. Everything is disconnected, and im not really sure where to start.

      I believe in the thread, the exact picture that i could use a better shot of is this one:


      If you could help me out, i would really appreciate it. If not, no worries! Love your thread!

    2. Chimpkin
      I just came across the "First album" thread. Did you ever get a copy of Tubular Bells? If not, send me your address and i'll hook a brother up. Everyone needs to own their first album. Later, Shayne
    3. Karu Kutt
      Karu Kutt
      I can't say enough on how much your happy wish made me laugh, thank you.
    4. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Hi Bill, Happy Birthday!
    5. Mazeppa

      How's it hanging, guitar man?
      Say, I've heard about a flea market called Trader's Village in Grand Prarie that has 3 vendors who specialize in vintage audio. Have you heard anything about it? I doubt a fella could get any real bargains at such a place, but could be place to find the hard to find.
    6. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Bill, you make it home safe?:) Thanks again for letting me tag along with you down to Houston. I had a great time talking with you. You'd better call me sometime and come visit when you are at work:D The 1980 is anxiously awaiting to show you how she sounds! :)
    7. svobom
      I saw where you had replied to my message but I could not retrieve it. How the heck to I get to it?
    8. Mazeppa
      I don't know if I envy you having to live in Dallas area or not, but a big city is a great place to find used stereo equipment.

      Klipsch Quartet. My first pair of Klipsch. Bought 'em Friday evening, got home with 'em Sunday evening in time to listen to a couple of cd's. I don't consider that to be enough listening to give them a review yet, but they seem very impressive.

      The guy I got them from has gear on craigslist every now and again. All the stuff I saw at his place was first rate, primo condition. He's a Sansui/Klipsch man, lives in Wylie (house was very easy to find), name is Don.
    9. Mazeppa

      Leaving early in the morning for a trip to Lucas, TX. Moving my mother down there. While in town, I'm checking out a pair of speakers I saw in a craigslist ad. Guy says
      he has an HK 730 (big brother o our 330c) for sale, $125. I've got receivers/amps running out of my ears, or I'd be very likely its next owner if it's a good one.
      I'll take a look at it so if you're interested, I'll be able to give you at least a cursory assessement of its condition.
    10. SPL db
      SPL db
      That's an excellent album and where I pulled that quote from!

      Excellent choice!
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    January 11
    Dallas Metroplex
    Industrial electrician by trade, work as maintenan
    Father of 2 fine boys, grew up in Wyoming, born in Memphis, living in Dallas.

    My kids, audio, firearms, bicycles, reading, guitars, movies, cars, NFL


    Silence is Golden,
    but Duct Tape is Silver