Sep 21, 2003
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Health related.

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Pheasant Plucker., from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Status is the domain of GOD. Our domain is to cede all status to GOD. That is the state of nityananda. Therein lies our supreme contentment Dec 4, 2016

    1. MudSlideSlim
      Thank you so much for giving the heads up on the Rough Mix LP. The one i bought used was definitely a poor quality pressing. I assumed that Rough Mix was well referring that it was a homemade recording and not of the highest quality in the first place.

      If you could give me some more info on the Rough Mix LP you bought it would be appreciated

    2. Autobot
      Happy New Year
      1. theophile
        Happy New Year to you too brother.
        Jan 1, 2017
    3. Autobot
      Thank you Theo,
      I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and Santa was good to you this year.
      And hoping this message finds that you are in good health as well.
    4. Autobot
      Merry Christmas
      1. theophile
        Hello my friend. I almost forget that it is Christmas. Thank you for your Christmas greeting. It actually cheers me like no-one else's. I have big smile on my face and in my heart.

        All the best for today and for the ongoing future. Here's wishing you good health, good times and the love and company of those dear to you.

        From sunny Queensland.
        Dec 24, 2016
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    5. theophile
      Status is the domain of GOD. Our domain is to cede all status to GOD. That is the state of nityananda. Therein lies our supreme contentment
    6. Autobot
    7. Autobot
    8. bimasta
      Hello sir. We exchanged a couple of times awhile back: I posted about a Mitsubishi LT TT and Micro Seiki... you may recall. I write now because you posted a link to 'Mind and Music' on the Anstendig Institute site. I knew Mark Anstendig very well. I've been meaning to write about him for some time, and if you're interested I'd like to send it to you; having an interested reader may help motivate me. Best, Bima.
    9. timofred
      you didn't notice when I paused for 2 days on 1966.
    10. Autobot
    11. Autobot
      Merry Christmas....
      this year I remembered to post it on the correct day for the AU
      take care
    12. brad6285
      hi theohile just was wondering about something on our gt2000l. im trying to setup a new cart and cant remember the anti-skate settings on the bar. do you know what each notch stands for. thanx brad
    13. hugomac
      Looking into getting a better step down transformer or replacing the transformer from 110 to 220 in the B2 also have a C-2x, PX-2 & Puresound P10 phono stage in 110. What do you think get a audiophile step down or get someone like B2 or someone in Australia to replace the transformer internally to 220v.
    14. Autobot
      I forgot to wish you a Merry Christmas yesterday I forgot that your a day ahead of the USA.
      Happy Christmas
    15. LordOfTRings
      Hi Theo! :)

    16. Autobot
      Thank you Theo,
      I have not had the Christmas spirit for some time pretty much the last time I had it was when I posted below back in 09. Your post on my page really lifted my spirits.
      I hope all is going well down under take care mate...
    17. Vinylrockrob
      Have'nt messaged for a while. Saying hi and still in the land of the living. Regards, Rob.
    18. daza152
      Thanks getting to your first thousand is always a milestone, and I think it shows that I am definately commited (or should be) to this site where I consider all you guys my friends...I see you have 20 to go to reac\h your 7000th well done to you too.

    19. hugomac
      Hope you remember me ive got a C-2x, NS-1000's, B-2 & PX-2. Im looking for a Cartridge & was about to buy an Ortofon 2m Black but was told at the last minute that PX-2's came with Audiotechnica or Yamaha Cartridges were AT rebadged. He said that Ortofon wouldn't have the right Resonance & i wouldn't hear the most of it on this Turntable. Also got told at 2 shops to throw it away or sell it as its 110 volts at 60 Hz & even with a Step Down wouldn't be 50 Hz & would be 10% too fast. Can you advise me on a Cartridge. Cheers
    20. Autobot
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    Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
    Health related.

    If you wish to see impurity, look within yourself; if you wish to see good, find it in others

    Surfing/Music lover. "Everything can be taken from man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."


    Turntable/Tonearm: Yamaha GT-2000/YSA-1/ Cartridges: Stanton 980 HZS or Soundsmith 'The Voice'
    Phono Stage: Simaudio Moon LP 5.3/ Line Stage: Hornshoppe 'The Truth'
    Speakers: KRK Expose E8B Active Studio Monitors
    Isolation: 21 Clearaudio Magix and diy ceramic cups and balls
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