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Jan 22, 2019
    1. straylight
      Thanks for providing the secondary reference of the AudioKarma forum. Turns out I was already a member! We share an interest in tube audio equipment according to some of your previous posts. Greetings.
    2. paperboy117
      i would like to ask how much was the preamp please sir? and what do you think of it... i was reading your post.... it looks really nice and i might be intersted, thanks...bruce
    3. WaynerN
      It is possible that the caps have changed value. Unless you hear signs of that, like tweeter or mid-range type over-driven distortion, I would not worry about it for now. We have not opened up our cabinets yet, but have not had any evidence that we need to. I have not run a tube amp with these yet, but I do plan on bringing my other Audio by Van Alstine Ultravalve there to see how the C70s mate with it. The Ultravalve is rated at 33wpc RMS, but really has guts to sound like a 100wpc amp, and I think it will do very well, as long as we are not playing "head-banger" stuff. Good call on the cabinets. We have redone several (vintage AR-4X, JBL-L200, Altec Lansing Santiagos, Dynaco A25s and they all needed to be refinished, because there were obvious cosmetic defects that distracted from the appearance. Your C70s look very similar to ours, even same orange grill cloth, but ours is in better shape, no exposed raw wood. Yes, we really lucked out on this one.
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