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AK Subscriber, from Los Angeles, California.

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Viewing thread Servicing a TASCAM 34, Apr 26, 2018 at 5:57 PM
    1. thebeave
      Hi Tinman, Several years ago I contacted you about fixing a couple of old Pioneer PD-7300 CD players. My Dad became ill and I forgot all about fixing these. So checking in again to see if it's possible. They work fine but tend to skip and jump tracks. All other repair places tell me they can't get parts for something this old. Are you still willing to take a look and try and repair?
    2. Columbo
      Hi Tinman. I didn't see a way to PM you, so I'll write here. Since my regular tech in Simi is retiring soon, I'm looking for another reputable tech...and someone recommended you! First order of business is my TEAC A-2300-S that I bought new and still have the box! Very low hours, haven't used it in nearly 20 years, because the grease has dried up. I'd like an estimate for repairs. Thanks!
    3. chadbang
      This is not some guy at work half-guessing with a soldering Iron, this is someone used to working on the finest gear in the world with an encyclopedic knowledge of electronics. His working rate as I said was already fair, but once I got into that shop, I knew I had discovered the holy grail of repair persons on the West Coast. Wow. THANK YOU, MARC! My highest recommendation and respect goes out to TINMAN!
    4. chadbang
      I haven't purchased a reel to reel yet, but if there's ANYONE in the country you would send a reel to reel for to have repaired, Marc is that man. He was vast experience in the entertainment industry and can put a movie studio Nagra back in immaculate condition. Studer, Revox.... this guy is a genius. I watched him work on my own gear briefly and his equipment and skill is like watching a surgeon at work.
    5. chadbang
      This is guy who has absolute passion for what he does and has such a vast and insightful range of knowledge that I knew this was the only person I'd ever want working on my gear again! We started off with a beautiful Studer A10 he was restoring: It was as if he was the president of Studer who knew his machines on such an intimate level and was so proud of them that I was really dizzied by Marc's knowledge.
    6. chadbang
      Well, I wasn't prepared for the fascinating afternoon ahead of me. He first of all showed me his workshop which is simply amazing. I'm sure the best repair facilities in the world have nothing on TInman's set up. From an amazing atomic clock to synchronize his gear to some astounding equipment he repairs and keeps in meticulous condition himself, I was flabbergasted to mert a real expert in the electronics field.
    7. chadbang
      After a quick look at my cd player and a very quick and fair quote for the work (about half the price of a local repairman who I didn't trust, anyway) Marc was sorry he couldn't fix it off the bat, but instead of shuffling me off, he spent nearly four hours with me explain and answer many questions I had about audio repair (I'm a wannabe DIYer).
    8. chadbang
      I just wanted to write a little something about my experience with a California Audio Labs repair performed by Marc in Los Angeles, aka "Tinman." I'm lucky enough to live only about an hour away from Tinman, so I drove my unit there for repair. Little did I realize the education and treat I was in store for! First of all, Marc is a wonderful person: Smart and fascinating to spend time with.
    9. chadbang
      Hi Tinman. well lo and behold I stumbled upon a California Audio Lab Tempest tubed CD player at a thrift store today. I bought it even though it was marked non-working. I know the guts of these are the Magnavox FD-2041. Any suggestions for what I should trouble shoot first? The guy at the thrift store said he plugged in it (thanks, pal) and it lit up made some noise and died. Any suggestions? Thanks
    10. mobilesearch
      Hi Tinman, I need HELP. I have a vintage Technics SL-P1300 (i am original owner) I have had this uniy for years, very little use. Recently the disk stopped spinning at start-up. I researched and found out it could be laser. Motor is fine, door hatch closes fine. So you seem to be a smart guy, would you be willing to take on a repair for me. I can ship the unit to you? Please advise
    11. M-D-Z
      Hi Tinman.
      I have some questions about the internal contruction of a Technics 1520, because after reading your post dated January 28, 2009, I'm gravely concerned about having it shipped safely from Chicago to eastern Long Island NY.
      Btw, Are PMs restricted to 420 characters?
      Thank you in advance,
    12. Ralfie225
      Brought my non working Sony Elcaset EL-7 to Marc Tinman. He did a fantastic job repairing it. I contacted several places in the LA area, but Marc was the only one taking on this daring project. His creative solutions and dedication are a rare find these days. Thank you Marc.
    13. pmdclassics
      Hello, My son goes to UCLA and his Kenwood KA-8100 is acting up. one channel comes and goes and moving switches back and forth brings it back for a while. Interested in having the amp serviced.
      Thank you
    14. jdavis61
      gotta question i have my rt 909 since new...had a belt problem all fixed then all of a sudden it runs in forward but not reverse. i checked brakes release, motor for capstan is just stuck wont move like its waiting for circuit to close. now the question. can the belt tensioner switch cause this to happen? if need replacement where can i find one?
    15. Benjam333
      Hey Tinman, "trekster" who had the Marantz 2325 sent me your way. I've got a vintage Sansui Solid State 2000 with some issues. I'd love to get working again and trekster said you might be able to help. It's mainly an issue with fuzz/white noise coming out the right channel, but all around it's a little touchy. Might need a full recap. Let me know how we might proceed. Thanks!
    16. jsih
      Hi, My RT-909 has been with the family since new and though well kept (been sitting, not being used), it does not play (powers up). Not sure if you still repair these, or if you can refer a shop for me to go to. I am in the West Los Angeles area. Please let me know. You are welcome to message me back at your convenience. Thank you for your reply in advance.
    17. oconnorweb
      What about the other Kyocera models?

      310, 610, or 710? Same issues?
    18. oconnorweb
      Hi there.

      I read a post that you a cd player guru. Familiar with the Kyocera DA 810? I see one online but the seller says it works sporadically. Fixable or stay away?

      Thanks for any input you may have....

    19. sjt1803
      You said you have the heath- roman numeral clock?
      Do you have the manual? -schematic?

    20. premiumplus
      Ahhh, thanks anyway. I found out the owner did buy a replacement pickup that he's going to send me. Is there anything that I should watch out for when I replace it? I see that there's a pot on the ribbon cable...
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