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Apr 11, 2010
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Arlington, TX
powder/ceramic coating business owner

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AK Subscriber, from Arlington, TX

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Mar 20, 2019 at 10:45 AM
    1. moebuster
      what are the Devons going to cost you?
      1. tomlinmgt
        He’s asking $1500 in his CL ad, but he’ll sell them to me for much less. We haven’t discussed how much less, but it would be several hundred. They’re in very, very good shape, and he’s constantly buying and selling really nice, hi-end stuff and has a network of enthusiasts that he deals with, so they’ll sell for at least close to his asking price.
        Mar 10, 2019
    2. funhungryman
      Hi, we have not met....I was searching for an amp for the low end of my newly acquired IRS Betas and came across a Threshold s/300.... As you are the only post I have found so far with similar equipment your thoughts on this paring would be very welcome! ( Sonic Frontiers Power 2 up top, I am still shopping for the rest of the system so any other thoughts are welcome...) Best regards, Walt
    3. jeffe
      Are we looking at the same CL ad? Are these the L250's you passed on last year? In the unlikely possibility that you don't know the seller, he is Ho Tran. He is a good customer of my buddy Frank (Mufich Audio). If you aren't in the market for the JBL's (look's like you reading up on the Altec's) and go there for an audition, would you mind giving them a once over? It would be a semi long haul for nothing if these are the ones you saw last year! In my call to Ho earlier there was a bit lost in translation... I'd like to know if the are the Ti's, not just the L250's, are they consecutive serial numbers, and cosmetic condition.


      Jeff in McKinney
    4. ecandle
      Hey Michael ? Everthing cool ?
    5. ecandle
      Michael , would you please give me some advice on possible wall treatments near my speakers , they are going to be in corners approx 14' apart and each have a cabinet above , should I do something special with the corners behind the speakers or side walls with anything ? under the cabinets above . I have a hand drawing I can send but I see no way of attaching it ?

    6. crwilli
      Michael. How big is your listening room? I have limited choices. Current finished part off basement is 7.5' X 15.6' x 25'. Can create a new room that is 7.5' X 12 to 14.5' X 20' To 25'. 7.5 X 13 X 20 would have treatable nodes... I am just not sure that is big enough for the Betas... Craig
    7. sugarshack
      I am looking...What price range and you location? Then is shipping involved with total price out the door...Condition as well matters..thanks sean
    8. ecandle
      awesome man great to hear !
    9. ecandle
      Hows you dad?
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    Arlington, TX
    powder/ceramic coating business owner
    music (semi-pro drummer), muscle cars and motor sports, boating


    Acoustic physics doesn't give a f*#k about what that pile of wood, metal, and plastic you've brought into the room cost or how special it is to you. It writes the rules, not you. You play by them or lose.