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Oct 24, 2015
Nov 2, 2008
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Spokane, WA
Wireless Telecommunications

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Tower Boss

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Oct 24, 2015
    1. Willeve146
      Tower Boss, we never hooked up on the exchange of the manuals for the ST-9600 I bought from you. Give me a shout. I have a company email address that will take just about any size file if that works for you. Thanks.
    2. Mr.Vinyl1965
      Trying to get a hold of. You around?
    3. rwenc2003
      Hi TB
      We haven't conversed since 2012, but I was wondering whether you
      are still into the Nak System One equipment, for I've read some of your
      posts (and others too) back quite a while ago, but I haven't seen anything
      from you on the net (here) recently!
      Over the years, I acquired three "System One" racks containing various 600s,
      but I've recently compiled enough additional Nak 600 components to finally
      put together "one" high-powered "System One" using two 620s or course.

      However, I haven't been able to locate a BA-150 Bridging Adaptor! Is there
      another way to wire/connect those two amps to work together without that
      particular Nak bridging adaptor? If so, kindly elaborate as to how to do same.

      I believe that if anyone knows how to accomplish this task safely, that it
      would surely have to be you !

      Thanks in advance for the help! rick
    4. Paulywog
      Hi, My name is Paul and I have a good friend who has a pristine Nakamichi System One which she no longer wants. It is complete with the 600, 610, 620, and 630 in perfect condition. We have tried to sell it, but got no bites. So unless you know someone who wants it, it is going to the electronics recycler. It is in San Jose, CA. Please let me know at if you know anyone who might be interested (since you have one). Thanks.
    5. yungin's-dad
      Hey Bossage! I hope everything is good for you man! Haven't heard from you in some time. Is the house kicken ass?

      Take care my Lightfighter Brother!

    6. bigamps
      Hey Mike, Next time you're in the neighborhood of Unified Groove, I have your Deoxit in if you're still interested. Later, Joel
    7. sbahrejr
      Work on towers, huh? So does my dad, down here in Florida. He wons Gold Coast Towers, Inc. (
    8. jazman
      I found your post on Nak System One. Can you provide a price range for a working 620 I'd like to sell? Thanks. Reply to
    9. Old_Tech
      You were an inspiration to me from the start. Thank you for the request I am here for ya man!
    10. montana girl
      montana girl
      Hi Tower Boss, I was just wondering who your wife's father is and what dept. he works in. It's really nice to hear from someone from Spokane. I have lived here for quite a while, since 2nd grade although I did move to Seattle for 15 years. I loved it over there too. I will be retiring in approx. 1 year, maybe I will move back. Where are you from originally? Sandra
    11. vintaggeman
      hey t boss! what's up man?!
    12. dougbam
      Hi Mike,

      I was wondering if you saw my last messege with the UPS location information?

    13. volumeon12
      Hi,just wanted to thank you for your support for us newbies on a budget. Alan. aka,
    14. bobaloniny
      im very sorry about 2 things, one its taken so long to gert back to you, and its been so long since ive had a chance to get back to that flea market, which means that set up is gone, im very sorry about all of that Im working out of town and only get home for odd days, so that lessened my chances of getting there in a timely fashion as they are just a sat sun thing. I will keep my eye out for more of that gear though so maybe you should send me a wish list so i can just do the thing right then and there, if youd like. Again, very sorry.
    15. Dr. Music
      Dr. Music
      TB, I always love reading your posts and looking with awe at your great gear! You are very informative about audio components in a way that I can only aspire to be someday!
    16. vintaggeman
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