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A guy with too many tubes, from Toledo, Ohio

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Jan 3, 2018
    1. rcatubelover
      hello Tubino, tnx for being on here. I have a vintage rca 807 tube amp and wish to replace with nos807's from rca. in your opinion If I cant get 8 nos tubes from rca is there another brand just as good or even better? tnx steve
    2. bacinani

      I read a thread in which you commented on a Monarch SA-10 Tube Amp. 1watt output.
      No transformer 12ax7 tube. I was curious if you could offer your opinion on using this amp as a headphone amp for a pair of Pioneer Monitor 10 headphones (24ohms). Use of Iso Amp warning, duly noted.
      Thank you in advance.

    3. cvap100
      Hi, i found your article on a modified Magnavox console tube amps. I am putting together a vintage 2 channel system for myself and will be using a Magnavox 9302-00 tube amp as a stand alone power amp. I would like to turn this amp into a stand alone power amp. It will be powering Klipsch KG-4 speakers. I am absolutely new to this type of electronics, but i have a cousin who's husband is a electronic tech for guitar amps and electric guitars who will help me with the modifications. I wonder if you could help me with this in the form of some pictures,schematics, and a grocery list of parts and recommendations you would suggest on doing this modification? The tubes: 1xRCA electron 5U4GB ,2xMagnavox 6EU7 , 4xMagnavox 6BQ5. Any help or assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.
    4. AudioMayhem
      I recently picked up a pair of EV Georgian 400 like you have pictured, only difference if the woofer basket is more of a copper color instead of chrome. Do you have any idea what they're worth? I've searched all over the internet and have found very little info.


    5. yaroslavmos
      Dear T,

      I read the thread about jensen '52 and it was very interesting. I plan to build myself a pair of those and have 3 questions for you:

      1. on which drivers did you finally settle?
      2. can you share plan of crossover?
      3. do you have any better plan of jensen 52 other than those posted by yourself on the web?
      4. i notice that you was very satisfied with tannoys gold - did the cabinets require rebuild of their crossovers?
    6. tubino
      Odd that BOTH channels would be out now... if it were ONE then it would be easy to suspect a bad solder joint with a coupling cap. Are you sure you have the inputs switched from the right jacks? I have no idea where mine is now, sorry!

      What do you mean, "re derped up on the recap"? Was it started and not finished, or ???
    7. Napster
      Hey mate.. I went diggin' around AudioKarma for some info on a nice gem I've bought.. an old Monarch SA-614 Tube Amp.. I had the guy I bought it from re-cap and re-tube it.. and got 2 sets of tubes for it.. 4 7189s, and 2 12AX7's.. each set matched.. anyway.. re derped up on the recap, so while it works "electrically",l I get no sound sans a bit of "tube-power hum" out of the speakers.. I've got enough bits to rebuild this twice-over (just about, yay for spare bits from the recap job).. anyway.. have you got any schematics for this toy? ..or might you be willing to pop the cover and bottom plate off of yours (if you still have it, xD).. and take some pics for me? ..THANKS so much! ..also, I can be reached at ShawnDBruce@gmail.com if need be.
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    October 31
    Home Page:
    Toledo, Ohio
    Research Admin., Database
    Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, enjoyed cycling, backpacking & mountaineering when I lived in Seattle. Now on the daddy track in Toledo.

    Tinkering with tube amps, Scuba diving


    deHavilland UltraVerve+Aries 845; L. Moore UltraFi Monaco
    Tannoy GRF-R, DMT15; '52 Jensen Imperials+JBL LE15B; TAD 2402 clones w/ Yuichi horns