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Jan 6, 2007
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AK Subscriber, from West Side, Vancouver, Canada

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Mar 22, 2019 at 2:35 PM
    1. Bob in WI
      Bob in WI
      Couldn't help but notice your P1800 avatar. I have a Volvo C30 & am glad to see its grandparents still running around. I met somw guys who race P1800s in SCCA F Production. They seem to do quite well when the car doesn't break.
    2. dsd-7
      Hello, my name is David. You mentioned in a thread the possibility to assist me with a Thorens bent motor spindle. The fellow members in the thread are saying that your motor from a TD-166MKII will work for my TD-160. Do you have any other details regarding the motor? Thank you very much.
    3. moinau
      Hi again,
      I hope I'm doing that right, and you just received a reply.

      To make easier, at least for me, my eMail is...


    4. WeWillFall
      Let me listen to the album first and make sure the cleaning works out very well. if so I would deffinantly be into trading.
    5. stereofisher
      Good Morning,

      Package sent. Mrs still packing in AM. Had time to post the cart Enjoy
    6. PioneerGuy75
      Volvo 1800 if I remember correctly............my brother had one just like it!!
    7. charles64
      Hello Tucker99,While surfing the site I noticed your avatar.The pic is a little blury on my monitor but is that a Trident on the grill? I love classic cars and was wondering what it is??? Thanks
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