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Vintage TX

Analog forever, from Houston. Texas.

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Jul 28, 2017
    1. Colliefan442
      I have a Marantz 1200 I would like to have restored with updated components. The left channel is out now. I also have a Marantz 120 tuner,possibly a 20b, a KLH 27 and a Teac 1200 U I would like to have restored as well.Please estimate turnaround time for each of these units and options for restorations. I don’t mind paying the shipping cost to get this to a quality restoration services house.
      I'm a fellow Texan living in Hemphill. A long way from anything. I have a Pioneer RT707 which Plays forward when it feels like it. I have been told on my post that it is most likly C127. Anyway I was advised that you might know of a repair technician in the Houston area. Earle
    3. ezppl
      Hi, I did a Google search for info to fix the sticky pinch rollers on my X-1000R. It led me to Audio Karma and to the detailed instructions you posted on here years ago. Great instructions saved me a lot of grief. I totally appreciate what you did. So much I had to register for this forum so I could thank you. Thank You Again. Tommy Schwartz in Fort Pierce, Florida
    4. 05SRTguy

      My name is Norm. It was suggested I contact you about possibly restoring my 74 Marantz 2240. Could you please give me a quote for a full restoration?

    5. AudioDog
      Rolf, I know you are the man on reel to reel issues, just wondering if you have any expertise with cassettes (Tascam 122 MKIII)? As soon as I load a cassette into my deck, I can hear the capstan spinning (sounds like it's going 100 miles an hour). If I hit play, it's like listening to a 3 3/4 reel tape at 7 ips. Any ideas on this?

      Dick Walker (AudioDog)
    6. rafiki
      hey mate i just posted on an old thread about sony tc-352d's i have a question about the runcap that often needs replacing. does the physical size of the cap matter? a few other questions here..
      any helps greatly appreciated! trying to make a fine tape delay :)
    7. KristianJ
      Hello! Just for fun You also have interest in "cars" Anything special?
      Myself: British. Hillman and Sunbeam.

      Kristian J
    8. jmm1952
      I picked up a couple of quad RTRs...both are Sony...A TC-277-4 and a TC-388-4. It was suggested that I see what you had to say on these. Both seem to work somewhat...both have mechanical problems with the tape switch. I am working on the 277 (I've wanted a quad system for a while to play with, I also picked up a Pioneer QX949A). The 277 is really quite dirty and gummed up with the mfg grease...So I'm cleaning it up...the drive wheels seem to be okay but the mech on the right side doesn't engage I took the drive wheels off to clean and lubricate. My question is...once you have the grease off...what mechnical lubricant should be used?? I would also like to replace the tape pad (the one the holds the tape to the head) which engages in play mode. I am going to get a service manual shortly... Where is a good source for parts?? If you can offer some assistance it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't repaired any of this stuff since the late 70s.
      Regards, Mike
    9. Texter44
    10. jayk
      hi rolf. any idea what's going on with the site. haven't been able to access it for most of the day. ??

    11. gonner
      hi, i could have sworn i started a thread with pics of two rtr's that i got,,,,
    12. shimniok
      Ah, the poor Sony TC230... haven't had a chance to work with it just yet. :) I've been working on a BIC TT and that Pioneer deck. Almost done with both. The Sony has a pretty bad 60hz hum right now so I want to recap the P/S and see if that does the trick. Will letcha know how the pressure pads work :)
    13. shimniok
      Hey I just got the package with the tapes!! Holy cow, thank you VERY much for that! Also got the 'pressure pads' -- you are too kind!! Can't wait to run the tape. I have to do some more adjustments on the deck, but looks like a collection of awesome tunes! I know how hard tape is to come by and i really appreciate this greatly!
    14. Speedring
      Hey Vintage

      In my RT-909 thread, I included several attachments and may be at my limit of attachment space. I tried uploading a 5 Meg PDF to a new thread last night and it would not upload. Do I need to delete the other attchements to make room or can you turn up the volume on my attachment space?
    15. shimniok
      Just wanted to say thanks on all the help you've given on my tape decks. I really appreciate it!!!
    16. Sca68
    17. Sca68
      Hi Vintage
      It's Spiro (TEAC X1000R) Good new start up problem FIXED!!! with your help
      about point to point power testing found the culpret THE POWER SWITCH need
      a good cleaning. It drove me crazy try to find out what was wrong with it until
      my son was playing with it on my bench wiggling it around and stated I bet this is
      it so I pulled it off the chassis sprayed it and no more power drain.It might be me
      but the unit sounds even nicer now. One thing noticed is transister B507 on top
      of servo board is toast and went to local suppy store in toronto and they were no
      help (the salesman didn't look like he wanted to be there) so I ask is this part hard
      to find?. Would you be able to sell me one?
      thank you
    18. BobinNJ
      I have a Sony TC-366 that I inherited from our house's previous owner. One of the channels is blowing out & distorted. I've seen your previous posts about the particular RtoR, and was wondering if you had any advice? Also, is it worth having serviced? If memory serves, I sent it out once about 15 yrs ago, only to be told that nothing could be done. I assume I used the wrong guy! Any info is greatly appreciated!
    19. VintageFreq
      Just wanted to thank you for the time and help you have given me!

    20. Mynameismud

      I saw in an older post that you have the service manual for the Sony TC-355. I have looked online and have seen them for sale but they vary in price from $20.00 and up. What do you think is a fair price to pay for a service manual? Can you recommend a place to purchase this manual? Any help is appreciated.

      Thank for your time,
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    Houston. Texas.
    Reel to Reel collector since early 70's . Restore Reel to Reel as a Hobby and sell decks and parts all over the world.

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