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Apr 12, 2018
Jun 7, 2008
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Mar 13, 1975 (Age: 43)
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Bedford ohio
Record store and Hi-fi repair store owner

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AK Subscriber, 43, from Bedford ohio

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Apr 12, 2018
    1. lbls1
      Dave!!! A1 Job on my Dual CS 1246. This is the changer turntable that I've been dreaming about!!!
    2. lbls1
      I may have a Garrard lined right up for you after the Dual. Its my Garrard DD75(are you familiar with them?). Its the cueing...a common problem, plus one or two small items. Its a mint table for a relic, but its got a couple of issues. Hope you will help me out.
      Lester B.
    3. lbls1
      Hello Vinylisfinal. I picked up your name from the turntables forum. I have a Dual CS 1246 that appears to need servicing. The auto tone-arm doesn't quite reach the edge of the 33rpm record from rest. I am in NYC so I will need to ship it to your location. Let me know; Thanks.
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      2. lbls1
        Hello Dave,
        There is an anxious Dual en route to you!!!! I can't wait to see/hear it after the service!!
        Mar 16, 2018
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      3. vinylisfinal
        received it today, arrived undamaged, will start restoration this week
        Mar 19, 2018
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      4. lbls1
        I'm excited!!!!!
        Mar 20, 2018
    4. Dr_Wu
    5. Dr_Wu
      Dave, here's a link to a Vinyl Engine thread. Guy looking for advice re: platen polishing. I post a pic of your work. Also, I post a thread in Turntables here on AK entitled Great Dual Refurb. I hope you'll get something out of it -- at least more of my appreciation! John Scharon
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    6. richdobson
      Hi- Local guy in Maple Heights -also an original owner of a Sansui 9090DB. Saw on AudioKarma you might be the guy to talk to about getting my unit repaired. Can you HELP me find a good place maybe in Ohio ? Would imagine it cost a fortune to move these unit's about

      Rich D
      1. vinylisfinal
        we do repair work on these. we are located in Bedford at 679 Broadway ave. The Vinyl Groove Records and Hi-Fi. we can be reached at 440-439-8371
        Feb 5, 2017
    7. bktheking
      Looking for a bozak 919 as well- maybe you know where one is available?

    8. futureman
      I could be interested. Do you have pics of or links to the sub?
    9. neupndn
      you still gonna cal tonight?
    10. Permanent Waves
      Permanent Waves
      Old Metallica good, new Metallica bad!
    11. Judde2
      Hi, I posted some queastions in this forum over my newly arrived 1959 Voice of Music 2-channel amp and you mentioned you have recapped one very similiar. Have u played it after that and with what preamplifier if I can ask ? There was another member inform me that I cannot just play it with any preamp and so I have try to find the modell-number on this amp to see from wich consol it was originally coming from.
      You mentioned something about 1448. But is that not a receiver or so..?
      If you have time to give me some advice over how I can play with this amp ( I cant wait to hear it ! ) i would be very happy. Maybee I can just try with my Heathkit preamp and connect my 8 Ohm Coral boxes and see if that works ?

      Best regards and Happy New Year from Bengt in Sweden ( Judde2 )
    12. DoctorLondom
      [name deleted]
    13. DoctorLondom
      i saw the tattoo and recognized it immediately. this is [name deleted]
    14. asoundhound
      i hope '09 is a wonderful year for you!
    15. vinylisfinal
      i meant 2a3...oops!
    16. vinylisfinal
      i took the reddy kilowatt tube from an old 1930's ad. as far as tube type i dunno, looks like a 213 or 45 to me.. like the ink! analog is my way to go. david
    17. kx250rider
      Welcome to AK! I notice in your avatar while in the Commemorating the death of analog TV thread; looks like I'm not the only one to put my hobby in the form of ink! In my case, it's a 1955 Federal Thunderbolt air raid siren with a supercell thunderstorm in the background. Is that a particular tube type in yours? My other (and probably dominant) hobby is restoring Cold War era air raid sirens, hence the tattoo... If I get another, it will be tube-related (but not a theft of yours in any way)


      Best, Charles
    18. vinylisfinal
      i will post pics of my vom push pull el84 amp. i am in the midst of a recap and beauty process. i love how the nickle chasis shines!
    19. asoundhound
      welcome to AK! i joined your social group. i have a VOM model 668 console. Great idea for a group!
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    Mar 13, 1975 (Age: 43)
    Home Page:
    Bedford ohio
    Record store and Hi-fi repair store owner
    speaker re-cone and re-foaming, turntable restoration, tube amps

    Cassette decks, Reel to reel repair, Solid state and tube audio repair. Record store owner In the greater Cleveland area suburbs


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Altec 9845a VPI: HW-16.5 B&O 4002
    Klh: 5's, 6's Dual:1229,1249
    Bozak custom b-305a, 302a, 919, 929
    VPI: HW-16.5 B&O 4002