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Jun 23, 2006
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Audiopile, from Shorewood MN

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Feb 7, 2019
    1. westend
      Hey Joe, private message coming back at 'ya!
    2. DelanoJoe
      Hey Lance - long time since I talked to you. Actually it's been a while since i've been on audiokarma. I'm wondering if I could get your assistance on something. I was given some huge homemade speakers (designed by an electrical engineer) that sound fantastic. I decided to part with them and sold to my brother. Well the tweeter went out (Morel MDT-28) - I found a replacement and plugged it in - checked out fine - within a couple weeks, it was bad again. When I replaced the 28, I also purchased a voice coil replacement. I am not at all confident in replacing that. Was wondering if you're going to be coming through Delano anytime soon? First question would be if you could assist in the replacement (for a fee)? Second, seems kinda fishy 2 tweeters would go in such a short time in the same speaker - makes me think something with the crossover is not right. Anyway, I travel Mon-Thurs every week for work but am home Fri-Sun. Let me know if you'd be interested.

    3. a_retent
      Hey Lance,
      Are you missing a CD of Roy Orbison's 16 Biggest Hits? For what ever reason this CD got mixed in with the CDs I brought and didn't notice it until I got home from CobbleFest. My kid (Jason) thought it might belong to you but he wasn't sure and I would really like to find the rightfull owner.

    4. bobrown14
      Hi - I would like to know if you can build me a case for my preamp build. The case I need would be similar to the one you built for BSABEL for his amp!? from his thread "My maiden DIY amp voyage" thread... If so what would be the $ (close is good).

      I need all the same cutouts cept I will send you a template for a IEC plug (filtered) unless you have a suggestion on that.


    5. westend
      Hey Denny, the wind turbine was down for the winter. I cut a couple of trees down so I could reposition it. I am also putting a different generator on it and a ground mount is going in.
      The Cosmopolitan is waxed up and still sitting in the living room. I added a breakout box so I can use it for a center channel with the 5.1 system. I've refused offers to sell it.
      Lance, are you making electricity now? OOoo, ooo, ooo, I just saw the pic of my old console in you albums pics. Nice!

    7. 4boxers
      looking for a "relamp kit" for a yamaha cr 820 ... thanks
    8. aussiedan
      G'day mate.
      Hope you keeping nice and warm.
      I really hope you get your turbine going. Its really nice to know others are thinking along these lines. Despite any attempts at humor on my part (PV v's wind), I think you will be rewarded for your efforts.
      If you are ever down under, you are welcome to doss here.
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