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Dec 9, 2018 at 10:59 PM
Jan 16, 2004
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Oct 16, 1962 (Age: 56)
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Livonia, MI

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AK Subscriber, 56, from Livonia, MI

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Dec 9, 2018 at 10:59 PM
    1. djv8ga
    2. Autobot
    3. Autobot
    4. Autobot
      Yeah money is tight for everyone right now hopefully the economy will turn around sometime in the next year.
      I have a Audio-Technica OC9-MLII MC cartridge and switch out every now and then just for fun. So for the last several weeks I have been using the OC9 and put the Sound Smith back on last night and still it surprises me. Then made me wonder about what you were listening to.
      I wont be attending the AKfest just too far for me I rarely go far from my home town
      If they ever have one in Texas I would go.
      Looks like it is convenient for you since you live in the same town, that's cool.
    5. whell
      I can't afford any records - after paying for the re-tip, I'm broke! :-) Any chance you'll be at the AK Fest? If so, I've got a listening room, and I'll have the re-tipped cartridge there. You can stop in and check it out. I've not had alot of time to play it - the kids have all been sick. However, the little bit I've heard sounds great, and I'm sure it'll continue to get better with break in.
    6. Autobot
      Hello Whell,
      How is the Sound smith sounding?
      I expect it should be getting close to being broke in.
      Have you bought any new records lately?
    7. whell
      Happy to help! Enjoy the Stanton. It's a great cartridge for the $$$.
    8. Old_Tech
      Thanks for your help with the cartridges info for the Technics Grand Master. Your posts are akways helpful!
    9. whell
      I believe you're right. I just can't believe how good this thing already sounds with the quite limited time I've had with it. Its pretty amazing!
    10. Autobot
      Read your post on the soundsmith.
      I would expect it to really start to settle in after about 100 hours since from what I understand for MC they redo the suspension too.
      If that's so they it will be just like a new cart had have to break in again.
    11. Autobot
    12. whell
      Stevenson typically doesn't refer to a tool. It refers to an alignment methodology - like the Baerwald methodology. The charts on Vinyl Engine are drawn using angles that are calculated using the Baerwald or Stevenson methods.
    13. Autobot
      The tool is what I always used I just call it the Stevenson or assumed it was the Stevenson.
      No aligning a cart is definitely not high on my list of things that are fun to do but its worth a try you may or may not like the results.
    14. whell
      Actually, the Technics has a proprietary alignment scheme that doesn't quite fit the Stevenson or Baerwald mold. I've always used the alignment jig that came with the turntable, and have never had an issue with sibilance, inner groove distortion, or any other type of poor sound. I might try of for fun sometime. However, I'd bet I'm not alone in thinking that aligning a cartridge is not one of my most favorite chores! :-)
    15. Autobot
      Hey Whell,
      I dared to try another alignment other than the Stevenson.
      Its based on the Baerwald by seb from Vinylengine for the Technics.
      I have been a real stickler in sticking to my guns on always using the Stevenson alignment but I must say this really made a big difference, the surface noise has diminished dramatically and I found the details just come pouring from the grooves effortlessly.
      I recommend giving it a try to see what you think I did and I am very happy with it.
    16. Autobot
      Any word from sound smith?
    17. whell
      I really need to call them, just been super busy with work. But, I've not heard anything from them.
    18. Autobot
      So whats the verdict on the sound smith retip?
    19. whell

      I better call them to see what they're doing! Thanks for the heads up.
    20. Autobot
      Just a little info.
      the RA number they provided at the time you requested the re-tip they will just proceed with the original level or re-tip request they do not call to confirm.
      They just call and tell you its re-tipped and ready for shipment and payment.
      That's what they did on mine, I told them what I wanted they gave me a RA # for that level of service.
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    Oct 16, 1962 (Age: 56)
    Home Page:
    Livonia, MI