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Aug 18, 2003
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Aug 23, 1963 (Age: 55)
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North Bergen, NJ
High School teacher,tennis coach, sports biomechan

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Is Lute Gluten Free??, 55, from North Bergen, NJ

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    1. Chazb11
      Darn, guess I forgot to check back here after I sent the message. I must be getting old because it doesn't seem like that was over a month ago.
      We live south of your old house now, down near Chincoteague, Va. I'm not sure when we last talked but we ended up selling the house in Ocean Pines, buying a huge motorhome and hitting the road. We've been traveling ever since. We are about ready to stay parked for awhile so my audio interest is starting to kick in again. I have very little room for gear though so I'm looking for some really portable stuff. Maybe a new dac/headphone amp...maybe some tiny bookshelf speakers...I dunno.
      Hope you guys are doing well!
    2. Chazb11
      Hello Jack, Long time no see! I was just sitting here thinking about some speakers you had when I last saw you but can't for the life of me remember what brand they were. It was just before you moved to NJ from Pokomoke. They were kind of pyramid shaped floorstanders IIRC. Just wondering...I think the audio bug is starting to get me again.
      Hope you and your family are well and staying warm!
    3. WhiteSE
      My mind is thinking already...thanks for the heads up!!
    4. radioactive
      Hi jack, its been awhile since we've talked
      Anyways ive seen that you passed up on a fisher 500c recently because you got hit with some tax bills.
      Well im getting ready to do some liquidating of some gear around my house and this time the gotts are leaving and as much as id love to keep them im going to pass them on to someone that will actually use them and give the the listening time they deserve and i thought id give you first chance at them.as far as tubes go i can probally supply allthe tubes except the el34 output tubes.the last time i used them they worked great. (about 2yrs ago) and probally will need to be brought up on a variac.if your interested ill sell them back to you for $500 with the tubes mentioned and ill also give you 1month before i list them on ak.if and when i post them on ak itll be without tubes and a higher price.let me know if your interested
    5. byoungman1
      Happy birthday!!
    6. JRosenb88
      Where there's vintage gear there also seems to be contour owners. and possibly memebers of ceg
    7. WhiteSE
      shit, I shall not miss this rugby match...Will Ms.Thatcher be there to taunt the Pumas?
    8. modge
      9.30 am today. The All Blacks gave Fiji an ass kicking yesterday lol but they are the favourites to win anyway.
    9. WhiteSE
      yeah, thats why I dont go that much anymore....did the Rugby World Cup in NZ start???
    10. modge
      I pop in and out of AK now nd then. Its a bit BORING in chat now full of mostly younguns.
    11. bolly
    12. WhiteSE
      its hard to tell, as I am not sure if there is more than one model with 5881's which is basically a 6L6..I have the AA-904's with 6L6..unrestored as is, maybe 150 bucks.
    13. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      HI, I'm looking at a pilotone monoblock amp that is being sold locally, I didn't get a close up look at it, it looked as if it had a pair of 5881's for outputs, it is unrestored and has been sitting for decades, any idea how much a single is worth? the seller said to give him a price as to what it's worth. thanks, Ed
    14. WhiteSE
      as much as I can....just packing gear to Terry for fixin'
    15. Mike Gibson
      Mike Gibson
      Howdy Jack, you staying out of mischief?
    16. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Hey Jack! Happy Birthday! :)
    17. WhiteSE
      i contacted you back...
    18. HepcatWilly
      I'm interested in the Pilot. Will try to contact you.
    19. modge
      Jack Iv been looking for that pic cant find it, but I will loook again for ya
    20. WhiteSE
      LOL...I am half yankee and half Argie!!! Guess which one I aint proud of...:-)..
      No, I am not going..too much going on here, as I dont have time off from school left and if i take a couple of days, I will end up with my arse on the street.
      Actually, if you remember where on AK that pic is, I need to save it!!
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    Aug 23, 1963 (Age: 55)
    Home Page:
    North Bergen, NJ
    High School teacher,tennis coach, sports biomechan
    born in L.A. Grew up in Argentina, came back to USA

    F-1, home and car audio, music, driving, airshows


    Is Lute Gluten Free??:scratch2:
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