Apr 1, 2006
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November 19

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    1. avionic
      Haven't seen any recent posts....
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    2. zebra03
      Anyone know whoaru99 and if he is OK ?
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    3. zebra03
      Anyone know whoaru99 and if he is OK ?
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    4. zebra03
      Hope all is OK . Have not heard from you in awhile .
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    5. Champco
      Are you in MN or WI??
      1. whoaru99
        Nov 29, 2017
    6. bigx5murf
      Hi, saw that you're also an Anthem AVM20 owner. Just wondering if you knew how to turn the subwoofer outputs on when using ZONE2 & ZONE3? Couldn't find a thing reading through the manual.
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      2. bigx5murf
        Is there a copy function, or do I just manually set each setting across the zones? I don't have a display hooked up, is there a limit to control if I only use the built in display?
        Nov 21, 2017
      3. whoaru99
        It has been a long time since I used the Anthem so I don't remember the exact sequence. Also, not sure if it can be done on front panel or if need to use remote. I don't believe it needs the OSD to make it work.

        I think it's something like first selecting the source in Main zone, then the Copy button, then selecting the Zone you want the Main source copied to.
        Nov 21, 2017
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      4. whoaru99
        I know the sequence is in the manual. The manual can still be downloaded from Anthem if you don't have one.
        Nov 21, 2017
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    7. electronjohn
      Thought I'd let you know about an auction...my late friend Jim Lysen's is 10/8. Jim was a Navy radioman in 'Nam, and worked for E.F. Johnson among other pursuits. Don't know if you're a ham, but DO know that you have a strong interest in tubes and homebuilding. Obviously there's quite a bit of ham gear, and there should be a plethora of parts as well. ziemerauctions.com has the bill online.

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      2. whoaru99
        Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely check out the auction page for sure.
        Sep 25, 2016
    8. dpower
      Hi, I picked up a Grommes Precision Electronics S20 and am looking for a schematic. Saw a couple posts of yours about this, but the image links are broken. By any chance do you still have the schematic? Also, how did the guitar amp conversion turn out. That's my plan for this. Thanks!
      1. whoaru99
        Yeah, I have a schematic for S-20. I don't see a way to send it through this communication so I'll try to reattach it to the thread.

        As far as the conversion I have not completed it. In the interim I found a Grommes S-35(?) that someone had converted but was poorly done. So, I reworked that one first.
        Oct 22, 2015
    9. sweemeng.lim
      Hi. Saw your post suggesting that Ashly and BGW amps are among the better pro amps, if I correctly recall/understand. Anyway, of the Ashley amps, which model would you recommend? Will be using as part of home stereo set up. Thanks

      PS - do u know anyone who might have a BGW 750F/G for sale.
    10. Dingman
      Ha, I agree with you on the raid thing. I'm not sure, but Jimmy may not understand the definition of RAid. Makes me wonder when he'll loose his data. I've had more than one raid controller go south and corrupt the data on ALL the drives. Oh well. It was a fun read.
    11. visto
      Thanks !

      i will contact Mac...
    12. visto

      just want to say thanks for your input in my thread...

      could youy pls tell me how other parts of my system can affect Mc602 & Mc275 so the are producing this poping noise.... i'm really curiouse - especially that everything was quite in the past - so obviously there is some kind of change (maybe because of the amps age) or .... i don't know - thanks for explanation.

      Kind regards :
    13. Mike Gibson
      Mike Gibson
      Just wanted to say Hello and that I enjoy your posts.
    14. DENNYDOG
      We should get together and go riding sometime. I didn't ride my Suzuki at all last summer. I will have to make sure that doesn't happen again.

    15. Autobot
      I got The Crown a couple of months ago.
      Someone broke into my house and stole the QSC and almost all stereo components not the speakers, subs or the turntable.
      Some of the electronics have been recovered but it went to the insurance co. because they already paid me for the replacement.
      I did buy back the C-70 even though I found one on ebay (thank god) I still want it for parts if I ever need them.
      The MA 12000i is an amazing unit.
    16. Autobot
    17. Autobot
    18. Augy
      Hey augy here.....The mod itself I dont think was too much money. I also needed a new laser and since the model I needed is no longer made ( Kss 151A ) The cost of the new laser replacement was a bit pricey. I suggest you PM wsjoe and ask him directly. He seems to be pretty trustworthy. I am not sure what the cost would be on your unit as it is much different than mine and I am not sure if it uses the same laser or not. Like I said ask him, I think he rather likes modifying electronics.
    19. JonL
      I like the sentiment you've got in your signature now. Is it new?
    20. DocumentRoom
      Id like to join this pro audio group. Im a producer an I own documentroom studios in malibu.
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