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    1. dandee
      I bought the cover plate from GPA to match.

      one thing that a new friend told me...( and I bought a set) you can buy the correct factory knobs for the Model 19... on ebay.. 20 bux free shipping...
      not many left though... ( the new crossovers come with the wrong knobs) .. and I wanted the same look !..
      its always a pain.. but in the end... when your sitting there listening.
    2. dandee
      and in about 30 days or less I have 2 more pair that will be finished... One set in Solid Oak.... and One set in Solid Cherry... I am using the Great Plains Audio 416-8B for 1 set and the new reconed ALtec 416-8Bs for the other set... the Compression driver on both is 902-8A... one is using the GPA crossover and the other crossover I am building from Altec specks..
    3. dandee
      I have built a few sets of Altec 19s.... The 811B horn you can find....( that's what I would use) The 416-8A ( some of those are 16 ohm) speaker can be mounted from the front.. but you have to slot the cabinet to make it fit..
      you could always sell the 416-8A drives and get the 416-8B speakers that fit the cabinets...I have the Amish build my cabinets out of solid wood...
    4. Madranker
      Hi - I was looking for a connection cable for a Pioneer RT-2022 R2R. This is the cable that connects the RTU-11 (transport) to the TAU-11 Amp. I saw that you have been down this road, maybe you could share your efforts and make my hunt easier.
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