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    1. PeerlessK
      Sorry android phones stink.. I just was hoping you could shed some light on the lr 3500. Performance wise
    2. PeerlessK
      You posted about a lr 3500 a few years ago. Was it a string receiver? Base etc. You are the only one ti shed some light on it after much goggle searching .thank you
    3. dw989813
      Zenith, does your B&K 500 Chart list 12AX7 ? Mine lists 12at7, 12au7, 12av7, and 12ay7, but omits the 12ax7 ! What sensitivity setting should I use for a 12ax7 ? Thanks, Dave
    4. gyrene
      zenith...read your post and noted you are using the MusFidVDAC with a Sanusi 4000?
      Man tell me how much you love it will ya? I have a 4000 in the bedroom and my VDAC is supposed to hit here today.
      I also have the Sansui 9090,Marantz 1090 and I can't wait to run some CD's through the dac.
    5. onepixel
      Hiya Tom. how are things? Carl
    6. zenith2134
      Thanks ! Changing it now (zenith2134 = 21 years young :) )
    7. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Hey Tom, Happy Birthday. Your age is a mystery....... :D
    8. Gohan
      I got some new pics up, they are in my albums and the listening space thread!
    9. Gohan
      I have been outside alot the weather has been very nice here!

      Have also been playing lots of records!
    10. Gohan
      What have you been doing?
    11. Gohan

      How are you doing?
    12. zenithfan1
      Not really, I guess I should recap it at some point. I have to touch up the solder on the dial lamps, I have the left side intermittent issue. No bulbs are burned out and I'm going to see what Merrylander will charge me to reveneer the case, I could do it but he does such amazing work on these. I have too many other things going on. The only other small things are the mic volume pot shaft is broken but the knob is ok, someone put a little rubber cement in it to stick it back on but it'll clean up when I find a pot. The bass switch has a small ding in the knob but I got my eyes peeled for a new one. The offset was >1mV on the right and 9mV on the left, not perfect but not bad either! As for the CVs, you nailed it on the crossovers, I intend to add some bracing to the cabinets and upgrade the wiring too. I also want binding post terminals instead of the clips.
    13. zenithfan1
      I'm gonna post a thread about that 9090DB, it'll be in the Sansui forum. I can't get enough of that thing! Right now it's hooked up to some Cerwin Vega D9's that I'm planning on modding a little. Shakes the whole house, even when I don't want it to!
    14. zenithfan1
      Yep, I just figured it out myself.
    15. zenithfan1
      They sure do, If you wanna talk to me you have to email me now. For some reason they disabled my PMs.
    16. zenithfan1
      No, I did get a 9090DB though. I love it!
    17. zenithfan1
      'cause Grumpy was gettin' all upset. LOL.
    18. zenithfan1
    19. Grumpy
      Please read the rules about moderation commentary. Further infractions will lead to suspensions being issued.
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