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Feb 5, 2011
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RIP 1942-2011

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Curve Junkie, from RIP 1942-2011

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Feb 5, 2011
    1. pustelniakr
    2. myu701
      Am so sorry that you were taken so early... you gave so much of yourself to others. You will be sorely missed on Audio Karma and I'm sure many other places. Wishing you the best of whatever the next life has in store for you. Take care, Evan...
    3. pioneervato
      May God keep you and comfort you. Always.
    4. SPL db
      SPL db
      God speed, you will be missed my friend.
    5. foofighter
      Rest in peace...
    6. superdog
      Vaya con dios.Go with God.
    7. bakes
      Thanks for the advice, the data, the lack of wank, and for the depth of knowledge that you leave behind. You'll be greatly missed. - BB, fellow fan of JBL.
    8. nick12345
      Thanks for everything, Zilch. We'll miss ya.
    9. PioneerGuy75
      Zilchmaster will be dearly missed here.

      God bless him and his family and friends.
    10. avionic
      Farewell..Put in a good word for me...You'll be missed.
    11. Zilch
      Professional pro rigs have incorporated HF comp for decades. You can't use a "standard" crossover off the shelf, passive OR active, and make a horn/waveguide 2-way play worth a whit without knowing what you are doing. Read up here:


      While I may ultimately make Z19 available in some form (I'm working on it,) for now, you have to do like the others in that thread have done and build them yourself....
    12. michaelhigh
      Are you selling Z19 or do I need to build it according to your directions? If I was inclined I could, but,...I've listened to pro rigs with standard crossovers and didn't know they lacked anything. I'm not up to your speed, not even close.
    13. Zilch
      Much as we might like it to be otherwise, loudspeakers are more than drivers stuck in a box, and DIY is a journey of learning how to do it competently. I cannot teach 2-way design concepts in Visitor Messages -- you're going to have to study up to successfully accomplish what you want to do, at least learning and understanding the underlying concepts. I believe there are tech notes on the Rane website, for example, describing HF comp. My recent Z19 thread is here:

    14. michaelhigh
      I'm not too DIY, I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree. I don't know how to gain HF compensation otherwise. Z19 is your design, I presume. I don't know how to acquire it otherwise. Am I wasting your time? If so I'll move on. Thank you thus far.
    15. Zilch
      Many analog active crossovers have "HF Boost" or "CD Comp" facilities built in, though none of the available contours precisely matches all driver/waveguide combinations. DSP crossovers with parametric equalization leave it up to the user to define the desired profile for any specific combination. Many users add passive filters, even in combination with active crossovers, to accomplish HF comp.
    16. Zilch
      HF comp is a means of flattening the response of a compression driver above mass breakpoint, passively accomplished via midband attenuation. It's what makes horn/waveguide 2-ways workable in lieu of adding a tweeter. You need to study up. Altec Model 19 was the first commercial product incorporating this innovation, which is now standard in similar designs such as EconoWave.
    17. michaelhigh
      HF compensation, would that be a tweeter in addition to the E 140 and the Selenium driver? I was hoping for a 2-way rig. Ideas? Thank you for your time and expertise.
    18. Zilch
      E140 is fine. I wouldn't play D220Ti lower than 1.2 kHz. You're going to need HF compensation on 2345 -- consider the Z19 crossover.
    19. michaelhigh
      Zilch, this is michaelhigh. I started reading "Econowave" thread today, I'll probably never finish it. I have a question if you please: Would the Selenium 220 TI match well with JBL E-140's? I have a variable xover. Also, for a 2345 lens and that driver, could you recommend a xover point? Would it be 800 or 1.2 or something else? Thanks.
    20. Zilch
      MegaWave.... ;)
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