100V Mains BA/CA 3000

Discussion in 'Sansui Equipment Database' started by 4312, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Hello All.

    I just acquired a BA-3000 and CA-3000. Mint cosmetic condition. BA3K has popping in left channel. Pretty sure I tracked that problem to TR3 on the left driver bored. Haven't tested the CA yet. My question to start off with is. I noticed the tag on the back of both units states 100V only. Does this mean the AC mains voltage is not adjustable? I downloaded a service manual and it shows in lacking detail how to change terminals for various AC in voltages. Is this doable on all units? or just a select few. Before I run these units any further I'd like to make sure I'm running them at the correct voltage. Most likely they have been getting 120v for who knows how long... In the mean time I can use a variac and dial the voltage down to 100V if I need to.

    I have so many queries coming in the near future. I'm looking to restore the BA3K first. So this is just the beginning. Ill post a few photos soon.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Please start your own thread in the forum.

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