1964 The Fisher Regent - to Buy or Not?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Kasanay, Mar 5, 2017.

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    I'll pull the TA-900 amp and photograph the innards in a few days. I, too am very curious as to what lies beneath.
    Right now I have the TT ripped apart - the motor was seized up but I got that all freed and it now spins like a top! Now I need to clean, lube and reassemble the rest of the turntable.
    My wife likes this one best of anything I have hauled home. She now wants to do a MCM room in basement with this as a center piece. BTW, that's my daughter in the pic.
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    She DID look a little over-enthusiastic, but you really can't blame her can you. It isn't everyday Dad brings home a Stereo that in todays money would have cost $16,368.93 ($2095 in 1964) from the factory for $280.($35.84....1964) bucks. She could have had a Girls Spyder bike from Sears for about $35.00 in 1964. :biggrin::biggrin:

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