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2000x trouble shooting

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by EricFossen, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. EricFossen

    EricFossen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    First time poster. I bought this 2000x with right channel non-functional. Replaced all 458 transistors with no improvements. Checked output transistors and found right side was shorted out. Ordered new output transistors for both channel and recapped tone board while I waited for parts. With new outputs installed, there was a whisper of a signal in right channel that was boosted by loudness button. Recapped power amp board and found a melted resistor that I replaced with a resistor pulled from a functioning receiver. That resulted in no sound from either channel. Pulling jumpers and hooking amp up to Marantz 1030 and found both channels were working fine. Nothing from preamp. Further inspection of tone board found a broken ground wire. I believe I resoldered back in place correctly. Still nothing. I've rechecked transistor pin outs, capacitor orientation, and looked for bad solders joints. EQ board has also been recapped and all solder joints redone. I was halfway through resoldering joints on tone board tonight when I decided I better send out a call for help. With a whole weekend ahead of me a fresh approach would help. This is only my second recap. Did a Marantz 2220 that was straight forward and without issues. I'm enjoying the challenge the 2000x is providing, but am stuck. Any help is appreciated.


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  2. Mr. Nick

    Mr. Nick Member

    If the power amp is fully functional and you have heard only a whisper of signal so far I would check the fuses. Sometimes they might look alright, but they are hangin on by a thread.
    You have deoxited source selector and the potentiometers, volume control especially?
  3. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    Take a picture of the board and highlight the "ground wire" you attached. Describe where exactly that wire terminates on the other end. You'll have to probably break it out of the harness. Post the picture here and I'll look at my 2000X and let you know yes it's good or no its not and point out where it should go. Need the board number also, as Sansui mixed boards from the "A" and "X" versions. I can pull my 2000A also if needed.

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