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2018 VOA auction - Sealed Goblin - Dawn of the Dead 180g

Discussion in 'AK Charities & Christmas' started by Ski, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:47 PM.

  1. Ski

    Ski what? Subscriber

    Just south of Detroit.
    Up for auction is a true collector's item that I picked up. After some research, I found out how much this album goes for in good condition and could never bring myself to open it. It's an Italian pressing on 180g (clear?) vinyl.

    Let's start the bidding at $20 and get it as high as possible. Bidding will end at 12:01 am on Monday 12-17-2018. This will allow me time to ship it out in time for Christmas Secret Santa gifts.
    20181207_001831[1].jpg 20181207_001841[1].jpg 20181207_001905[1].jpg 20181207_001916[1].jpg

    Please use the following link for payment:
    After I receive notification that payment has been paid, I will ship it out.

    This is for charity. Bid now and bid often. Or just bid really high and chase away the competition.
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  2. buglegirl

    buglegirl I Want To Be The Girl With The Most Cake Subscriber

    Mid Atlantic
    25 Bucks Since I Like Zombies

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