2230 Recap Left Channel Issue:(

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Mundie, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Mundie

    Mundie New Member

    Hey, I'm a newbie to electronics. In the process of recapping my system everything was going great. I did the power supply and phono board and it sounded great. Then after I did the power filter and 2 couplings- the left channel is weak and distorted:( I switched the couplings to make sure they we ok- same left channel problem. I checked both heat sink boards and everything checked out except one resistor for testing the bias. Here's what I got.
    ouplings= 29.4v rear
    25.7v front
    power filter = 67.4v
    Heat Sink Board
    L. R
    Caps(on heat sink).
    67.5v. 66.6v
    Resistor 774
    0.00mv. (???) 5.0
    Resistors 762-759
    1.9ohm. 1.9ohm
    1.04ohm. any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking of replacing the resistor 774, I'm not sure what to order the service manual says (wire wound .24 ohm, but no watts. I can look when I get home for more info, j


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  2. runningdog

    runningdog AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sonoma, CA
    Welcome to Audiokarma!

    Check the coupling capacitors for correct polarity. The one with green and blue wires goes to the left amplifier. The blue wire should be on the negative post of the coupling capacitor. The negative posts of the power and coupling caps should be facing towards the rear of the unit.
  3. fernarias

    fernarias Well-Known Member

    Merced, CA
    If it was running well before, why would you suspect a resistor that wasn't touched(unless you shorted your receiver)? Like has been said, check the polarities of the capacitors that you changed before it stopped working.
  4. Mundie

    Mundie New Member

    Yea, I did accidentally short the resistor in front of 764, it still gives the correct ohm reading though. Only 774 seems not to be working.

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