400 comes home, FULL CIRCLE......................

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by larryderouin, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Totally understand how hard it is to watch otherwise mentally sound folks be restrained due to their physical condition. That's what happened to my dad in his final years to the point that he basically just gave up. His bags were packed and he was just waiting to go at any time. It's just a tough situation for all involved. Prayers for you as you work through these events Larry........

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    "French sewer water" lol
  3. rogerfederer

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    hang in there, larry
  4. AlTinkster92

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    Hope all goes well Larry, best wishes... AL
  5. tnsmnichols

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    Larry, that is a wonderful image. Sometimes the simplest things can make all the difference.

    My prayers go out to you and your family. Tom
  6. larryderouin

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    Thanks guys. Hopefully we can keep Dad around until at least spring. I don't want to think about the holidays this year. Just one day at a time. His cardiac condition, along with his pulmonary disease has him physically beat down. I worry about that more than the alzheimers as the quacks are juggling his meds around just to keep him alive at this point. Mom has some Brain damage from 2 blown aneurysm's in 2003. Her space / time continuum is totally different from everyone else. What she thinks is 15 minutes can be anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Getting her dressed can take all morning, and getting her ready for a commissary trip to Dover (70 miles up the road) starts at 0600 for a 2pm start time. Then if something isn't her brand, or in the size she wants, she raises hell. Dad can barely drive, Mom doesn't so either my sister Julie or I have the duty week on and week off. Next week is mine. Tuesday is commissary day, Wed and thursday are Dr. Appt's. So I'll put 600 or more miles on the Jimmy next week. Wish my other 2 sisters and my brother didn't live in Fla so they could take off some of the load.

    As long as i take 1 day at a time worrying about Dad, I'm Ok. But anything over a week, and I'm like a lion with a thorn in a foot pad. So One Day at a time, and I'm ok with it.

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