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661 in for repairs, G-2000 as temp replacement?

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by drasp, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. drasp

    drasp Active Member

    My trusty 661 just went down and is in the shop for at least a couple weeks. Can't go that long w/o tunes. Found a G-2000 in nice shape local, not a steal, but not terrible, and it looks really clean. . .

    Anyone have experience with these entry level G series 'Suis? Just need something to drive my little Klipsch KGs at med volumes.
  2. princever

    princever AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bel Air, MD
    the G-2000 is a very BOTL receiver but Sansui quality is there. It has only basic features and puts out 16W/ch, which is definitely less than your 661. If you don't plan on playing loud, it will do until you get your 661 back. It can only drive one set of speakers, unlike most receivers of the era. But, at that limited power output you couldn't drive 2 sets anyway. I've had multiple G-3000's, which takes you up to 26W/ch and A+B speaker outputs.
  3. drasp

    drasp Active Member

    Snagged it tonight. It's VERY clean and pretty. First G I've had hands/eyes on. Certainly not built like the older stuff, but interested to hear how it'll sound pushing the little KGs.

    The system is in a large dealership service shop, so there are dozens of other technicians, many of whom also have stereos, so little is ever asked of it, other than putting up with years of metallic corrosive dust, heat, humidity, etc. Not the sort of environment for an amp you can't bear seeing slowly die. LOL. I tried using a little modern class D amp from Parts Express for a while, but it was just too boring sounding.

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