6L6 Octal Guitar Amplifier , Reverb ?

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by Gary Mattis, Feb 28, 2018.

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    I built a 6L6 GC PP tube amp for my guitar . Amp has Vintage RCA 6L6 GC tubes , two 6J5 tubes for the split-splitter , and 6J5 or 6N7 for V2 and 6J5 or 6N7 for V1 . I like using lower gain larger envelope octal tubes. The rectifier tube is a 5U4 . I used a Conn 6L6 GC Organ chassis for the build. Plate is 500 volts, - 61 bias , 33 ma. Current. V1 plate 203 v. , V2 plate 232 v. , V3 and V4 Splitter plates 123 v. Each. I only have tone and volume controls , there's nothing else. I used a 2 - 12 Crate combo cabinet and speakers 3.3 ohms each 6.7 total running in series. A Philco choke 1938 vintage on PS. , The amplifier sounds very good , there's no problem . I Was going to add reverb but I found out that I can turn amp all the way up and turn the guitar down and it gets a natural kind of reverb without a reverb tank. I Think I will leave well enough alone ! . I can always add a guitar processor if I want more sounds from it. Sounds really good with a Strat. Next I will get some glass 6J5's to replace the metal ones and maybe try a 5R4 rectifier tube.

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    Should be loud!

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