9090DB/8080DB Production Changes

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    The serial number database is set up to track production changes. We need to crowd source data, specifically the configuration of your 9090DB, 8080DB, 990DB, 890DB. This information can be added to serial numbers that are already on file in the database or to newly added serial numbers but in every case there needs to be a valid serial number tied to this data.

    Please keep in mind that not all modifications are factory modifications. Over the years many of these units have been modified by their owners. Ideally, we need the information from virgin units and we all know how rare an actual 40 year old virgin is.

    Here is a list of known production changes:

    Chassis plating, gold or silver?
    F-2624 Driver Board bias control, cylindrical transistor or forked black diode?
    F-2657 Protection Board, speaker protection fuses or no fuses?
    F-2619 Tuner Power Supply Board, Filter Cap - Pointed straight up, laid over on it's side or underneath?
    F-2656 Power Supply Board - R30/R31 - 1 ohm fuse resistors or actual glass fuses?

    And last but not least, the Dolby Circuit:
    Green flex PC board between F-2655 Dolby Board and F-2654 Push Switch Board or Black ribbon wire?
    F-2655 Dolby Board - Rivets in pass throughs? These rivets are extremely hard to see and takes a trained eye to report accurately.

    Please use this format when posting Serial Number Information:
    Model,Serial Number,Screen Name, then list your configuration

    List the production changes something like this:

    Gold Chassis
    No fuses F-2657
    Bias diodes F-2624
    Laid over F-2619
    Resistors F-2656
    Dolby Black ribbon cable and rivets.

    Also please let me know if your unit is already on file and feel free to ask questions.

    - Pete


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