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Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Blue Shadow, Apr 20, 2017 at 10:56 AM.

  1. Blue Shadow

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    SE PA
    I've got this receiver that a friend was given because he says we both learn and work through issues but I think he brought it over because I know how to get answers and do the work to make it work.

    I've got it hooked up to a pair of DQ-10s, main rig skip the electronic crossover, extra amp and sub for now, just the speakers. Using FM as I have a decent station to enjoy, XPN.org with new on air folks and all.

    April is guitar month and they have been playing some tunes featuring good guitar work. Anyway, I'm in the other room and hear a Fleetwood Mac song, World Turning. When the bass drum came in I was startled at how good it sounded. I had to check to see if the tone controls or loudness were on. No tone controls but the loudness was on, still sounded great. Since the unit is mostly background music, loudness is appropriate. I cranked it up to enjoy that. Some of the best bass I have heard from the DQ-10s. Part of the reason the unit has been hooked up for a week and a half...as I get around to setting the bias.
  2. faber12

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    I had an 8080, once I got the bias and DC offset adjusted it sounded great. It had a hard life before it came to me, and needed a little TLC. :)

    If I remember correctly, the service manual has a typo that complicated things.
  3. superdog

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    Southern Colo.
    One of the best sounding receivers of the 70s.I had one and would still have but I moved on from 70s receivers as my main units.
  4. bd1886

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    They're effortless and have the best going on in that early Sansui sound. (Can only imagine the pairing with the sound stage of those 10s'.)
  5. tanker 200

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    Northwest Washington
    My G-8700DB sounds very nice thru Dahlquist DQ-20's, I'll bet the 9090 sounds just as nice thru 10's

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