A 400C Transformation

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by dcgillespie, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. thornev

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    I've read that one as well as many other of your "pearls". I'm just unsure if they apply to the 500-C because, unless I've missed it somewhere, you mostly wrote about the 400 and 800 series.


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  2. larryderouin

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    The 500c is basically identical in all respects to the 800c with one major difference. The addition of an AM section to the tuner in the 800c. or the lack of an AM tuner in the 500c if you will. If your old enough you should remember the AMC Hornets/Gremlins from the 70's. Same basic car, except the Gremlin had no ass hanging off the rear end. (I know, bad analogy, but I haven;t had coffee yet!!) Basically anything that is done to the 800c can be done to the 500c with the exception of AM tuner fixes.
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  3. dcgillespie

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    Correct -- the phono sections in all three receivers is basically identical. The material in the RIAA thread would let you get the most from your receiver's phono section.


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