A belated thanks from a raffle winner

Discussion in 'AK Fest 2006' started by Mopic5, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Mopic5

    Mopic5 Super Member

    Ann Arbor
    My good buddy, Stephen who came to the AKFest06 with me won the Harmon Karmen (sp?) tube amp raffle. He tried to log on with his thanks, but forgot his password. So on his behalf, let me extend some big time thanks to all those who put up this and other gear for the AK cause.

    As for me, not having won any of the raffles probably means I didn't spend enough at the raffle ticket counter.
    So I'll be contributing to the cause after posting this as a hedge on karma for next year. It's been about a year for me here, anyway. Time for the annual dues.


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  2. Kamakiri

    Kamakiri The New Dynamic

    Buffalo, New York
    Have him email me with his username at audiokarma@aol.com and I'll be glad to reset it for him :)

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