A Commitment to Standards..Just HAVE to say this...to LP & CD sellers..

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    Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and I'm sure I've made mistakes too..and...of course I've had many Great experiences as well....

    ...BUT...a VG++ record IS NOT covered in swirls...a NM record DOES NOT have light scuffs :"hairlines"...and.small bubles/dimples/pits (even one) or heat waves in the vinyl SHOULD be mentioned. A VG+ or better CD does not look like a chicken walked over it..even if it plays.

    ..and no one wants to do a dna test on the fingerprints from your lunch or whatever the heck that is.on your CD..clean your stuff before sending it along..try using Mobile Fidelity Shinola or even a soft (and I mean very soft and tested as such) cloth and distilled water..rubbing inner to outer edge (not ruubbing circular around the CD like you would with an LP). Come'on folks this is the basic cost of doing business!

    Oh yes..while I'm at it....LPs "play graded" without an additional visual grade is bs..if I have an original blue note, it can look vg+ or even vg and play great but its still a vg or vg+ record and should be priced as such.

    ..finally please consider using the Goldmine or Osborne grading policy in general.."added -'s and +'s'' and "strongs" are fine and helpful but those two systems are fundamentally accepted grading standards (even on discogs) and there is no EX stuck in there..if you don't use these fine, but then please state your specific grading criteria in each posting.

    Bright light and a pair of 200 reading glasses are your best friends...so is viewing from multiple angles..

    . ok now I can breathe and go rebuy some items on discogs..its getting damn expensive.

    ..and YES I'm fussy..and maybe an as* ...but someone should make this little rant a sticky, it is a commitment to quality...and community..OUR community! Ok, I'm done.
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