A Question; is anyone using the Wharfedale Diamond 225?

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by transmaster, Dec 3, 2018.

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    I’m looking to replace my Polk Monitor 10B’s in my main 5.1 system. Since I refurbished the W35’s and was re-acquainted with their wonderful clear sound, then the W45’s with the same clarity but with more on the bottom. The 10B’s even with the refurbished crossovers with Mundorf M-Cap EVO’s sound like an obnoxious drunk doing karaoke. I never thought I would say this about a pair of speakers I purchased new 38 years ago.

    I have a pair of Polk.RTi A3 speakers. Pretty darn good, no thunka boom-boom out of context like the 10B’s it is nicely controled but it is missing the middle just like the 10B.

    Here is my question. Because there are no longer any stereo shops in Cheyenne. I am going to have order the replacements online. I have been reading the reviews of the Diamond 225. The sonic description of it sounds like my present ”W” speakers. I have a powerful Kilpsch subwoofer I don’t need a speaker that can do pedal notes on a church organ. I do want a speaker that has crystal clear sound. The 225 can also handle all of the wattage my Yamaha AVR can put out and then some.

    Is there anyone out there using the Diamond 225 that also is playing vintage W series Wharfedale’s especially the W35, W40, W45, perhaps even the W60. How does the 225 compare? As I have said elsewhere my ”W’s” do not have the power capacity to safely use them on the Yamaha.


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